With the end of the academic programming fast approaching, teachers have been working furiously to prepare the semester 2 reports for our wonderful students. The reports provide a summary of the learning outcomes achieved by the student and are based on a variety of different assessments carried out during the second half of the year. Our teachers need to be commended for the extra effort they make to produce the reports while continuing a rigorous learning program right up to the end of the term. They will be available in the last week of term.

We have many ceremonies planned for the end of the year that would traditionally include members of our wider community attending in person. Restrictions may stop parents from attending in person, but we will still be able to include you via the live stream. We plan to do this for Year 6 parents for the formal part of the Year 6 end of year celebration. At the same time, all parents will be invited to join the live stream for the Primary End of Year Assembly and the College End of Year Speech Day. Mr Gardiner and his IT helpers will do their best to make it a memorable experience for everyone.

Over the past two weeks, we have been developing our geographical enquiry skills and using geographical tools. We made a 3D geographical map of the playground and located geographical features on a map using a compass rose. We put on our lab coats in Science and Technology and used the apparatus to work scientifically to investigate probing questions about the natural environment. We completed tests to see if the size of a ball, influenced the distance it could travel and whether the surface on which it rolled also affected the distance travelled.

Year 1
This term Year 1 have been spending a lot of time learning about safety. We have learnt how to be safe at home, at school and on the road, amongst other things. This week the students learnt the importance of helmets when riding our bikes by conducting our own helmet ‘eggsperiments’. We wrapped one egg in bubble wrap, which represented a brain with a helmet to protect it, and we left one egg with no protection at all. We then placed our eggs into zip lock bags and dropped them from the balcony. It was very interesting to see that all of our brains wearing helmets were unscathed and survived the fall. However, the brains without a helmet were a mushy mess! All of the kids soon realised that helmets are an incredibly important way of protecting our very precious brains. It is a timely reminder that whenever we are riding our bikes and scooters over the upcoming holiday break we should always be protecting our noggin!

Year 2
What a busy last couple of weeks we are having in Year 2. Our procedure writing has come along in leaps and bounds and the students showed their skills by writing about how to make sock puppets. This week we have thrown open the glass dividing doors between classrooms and have been watching short silent video clips of people making Christmas decorations. The students had to then write their own procedure and then follow it to make their own version of the Christmas craft. This was a lot of fun! A highlight for the past week was, of course, instrument selection trials held on Wednesday. Students were allocated to groups based on the selection forms returned, and we’re already learning about how to hold, blow, strike, bow and strum. There were a lot of happy smiles, raucous laughter and air-guitar! Students have been refining and extending their multiplication and division skills in Mathematics and have learnt that they can use the same processes to find an answer regardless of how large the numbers become. Year 2 have presented their Geography posters on their chosen World Heritage-Listed Australian site. They are congratulated on the amazing research and creative skills and parent support was appreciated. We have continued to make mixtures in Science but have now been searching for ways to separate them after they have been mixed. This has been loads of fun!

Year 4
This term, Year 4 have been lucky enough to have Primary Active visit them for sport. Primary Active have literally brought a whole truckload of exciting equipment and supplied us with some specialised teachers with lots of gymnastics experience. Students have been forward rolling, ‘L’ holding, leg lifting, star jumping, straddle jumping, log rolling, balance beaming and loads of other core strength-building activities. Students spent time each week with smiles on their faces as they develop some quite difficult skills. Thank you so much to Mr Ezekiel for organising such a wonderful experience for Year Four.

Year 5
It has been a busy fortnight in Year 5! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Farming Convention, where students presented and persuaded their audience to be environmentally sustainable with insect farming. We celebrated NAIDOC week with arts and crafts. Students embraced their creativity to design serpent snakes, weaved headpieces and boomerangs. Year 5 have also been working on procedural text in writing, learning about the structure and discussing the explicit and precise language that is used. In Mathematics, students have been revising multiplication and division. Year 5 have worked hard to solve challenging word problems involving 3- and 4- digit equations.

Year 6 

Year 6 have been working tough until the end of the year. Powering through assessments and creating presentations in preparation for the End of Year 6 Celebration which we cannot wait to share with everyone. The students have enjoyed making a special gift in Art and learning the words to children’s’ songs in Japanese. Students continue to complete their study on visual literacy using Anthony Brown’s text, ‘Gorilla’. They then completed book reviews on this fabulous text which they then shared with the class as a Speaking assessment. They have continued to hone their rugby skills in Sport and have enjoyed numerous physical brain breaks between lessons.


Mark Durie
Head of Junior School