Welcome back everyone to Term 4. It was great to see all the students return refreshed after a lovely spring break. It’s a short term but we have a variety of activities to complete before the year ends.

While we have a strong focus on academic development with our students, we also have a strong commitment to developing the future leaders of the world. This week Year 5 students have been submitting leadership applications to be considered for a College leadership role in 2021. We have a strong focus on the importance of leadership, and we are always eager to ensure students have an opportunity to develop leadership skills in a variety of areas. The number of roles has been reduced compared to previous years, but we still have representation for the many areas of College life. Applications will be reviewed, and students interested in the captain roles will be interviewed and the student body will also get to vote for their preferred candidate. We will announce the successful candidates at the end of the year and officially induct our leaders at the Investiture Assembly at the beginning of 2021.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr Luke Roe who will work with Year 1 and Kindy classes as a teacher’s aide until the end of the term. Mr Roe has a strong interest in movement and linking it back to student focus in the classroom. He will work with some students who need extra movement during the day to help them focus in the classroom. We also welcome back Mrs Stacey Dombkins who has returned from leave and will continue her work with our Kindy students.

As we start the term it’s important to review the start time for school. Students can arrive from 8:00 am each morning with formal lessons beginning at 8:40 am. Please note, there is no supervision before 8:00 am, therefore students are not allowed on site before 8:00 am. We have a wonderful OOSH service available to families who need an early start or late pickup. Lately, we have noticed students arriving up to 15 minutes earlier. In the interest of student safety please follow the guidelines.

Ahoy there! Kindergarten are sailing across the high seas this term in search of pirates. In Geography, we are developing our mapping skills to find buried treasure. During Mathematics lessons we will be counting and sharing the treasure we find, while in English we are learning about procedures, so we can document all the wonderful pirate things we will be making. Later this term in Science and Technology we will find out just how far a cannonball can roll. Keep your eye on Seesaw for all of our adventures.

Year 1
We try our best to provide a wide variety of sporting activities and this term its gymnastics. We have been practising our fundamental movement skills such as jumping, hopping and rolling. New skills have also been introduced such as tuck rolls and the crowd favourite, the donkey kick. All the students are loving it, and all are very tired at the finish and it’s great to have experienced gymnasts running the program in a fun and enjoyable way.

Year 2
It’s been a busy start to the term for Year 2. In English, they are monitoring their understanding of their reading, using the toolkit of strategies to ‘fix’ any occasions where they can’t tell somebody about what it is they have just read. In writing, we are learning about procedures, which will assist during Science, as they are soon going to be following procedures to carry out experiments. Science has been exciting as the students have been making ‘mixtures’, combining various substances to see if they change. Year 2 are focusing on number work to finish the year in Mathematics. So far, students have been investigating place value, which has contributed to their ability to round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100, a trickier skill than you would think! Geography is continuing from where we left off last term, learning about World Heritage sites in Australia. We will look forward to the completed home research tasks later in the term. Health is also building on Term 3’s learning. We are learning to make healthy lifestyle choices, starting with diet and how important it is to have one that is balanced. We are looking forward to lots of cool, healthy lunches over the summer!

Year 3
After a relaxing and restful holiday break for everyone, it was wonderful to see the smiling faces of our Year 3 students back in our classrooms. All the students have been looking closely at Volume and Capacity in Mathematics, especially the various units of measurement associated with each. Our novel study this term has us following the exploits of a china rabbit called Edward Tulane. We are all looking forward to finding out where he will take us. In Geography, we have started to discover our neighbouring countries; investigating the settlement patterns and demographic characteristics of places and the lives of the people who live there. The gymnastics program has been an exciting addition to our physical activities.

Year 4
S.T.E.M this week in Year 4 became S.T.E.A.M (Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths) as we combined robotics and paint with Mr Youman. Students coded and looped Spheros to drive through paint and create collaborative and unique artworks. Students were able to code the speed, direction and duration of their robotic artist and when working together fantastic pieces were produced. Watch out classrooms in the coming weeks as we decorate our walls with our amazing creations.

Year 5
Year 5 have had a terrific start to the term. They are enjoying learning about procedural texts and completing our novel study on the text, Iron Man. In Mathematics, students have been completing a variety of activities and tasks on chance and probability, and patterns and algebra. In Geography, they are completing research on the causes and impact of bushfires, and the preventative measures we can take to prepare ourselves and property. In Science and Technology, students have been discussing, researching and analysing the concept of sustainability. They have been reading the types of farming in Australia, and how human consumption impacts the environment.

Year 6
During our Deep Learning Project Peni and Nathan from 6LMc held a clothes drive to assist others who are less fortunate in our community. They donated the clothes to Church 4 Life, who are a not for profit organisation who distribute clothes to people living in poverty both in Australia and overseas.  We are very grateful for the generous support the boys received from the school community and we are hoping projects like this one will become regular activities in the BTAC community.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School