Our new Preschool Atelier has been well utilised by the children experimenting with a variety of artistic mediums in our outdoor environment. The mediums explored recently were clay, wire and paint. Wire medium was new to the children so we took some time to explain how to mould and work with it and what we could do and create with it. The children explored bending, twisting and threading with the wire and were then provided with a range of beads, buttons, corks and rocks for them to add to their sculptures.  Lilly and Esther wanted to create a butterfly using the wire. This required lots of problem solving and creative thinking as they created the wings and the body of the butterfly and then worked out how to connect them together. As the children continue to work with this new medium over the coming months and as they become more familiar with the wire they will start to build a relationship with the wire material and their creations will develop with greater intricacy.

The exploration of clay started with a discussion on how it felt and looked as the children moulded it using their hands. They investigated the clay in its natural form and then added water to see what happened to the clay when they added water to it. As the children explored the clay they asked questions, solved problems and engaged in critical thinking.

“It is a bit hard, but if you put water in there it will be not so hard” William said to Quinn.

“It feels like hard things and then soft things” Sophia said.

“Oh mine is different now” Isaac noticed as the clay changed.

“It feels slimy and when you add water it makes it slimier” Emily noticed.

The exploration of paint was introduced using inspiration from the sky by providing mirrors and paint tones of blue, grey and white. The children were encouraged to look into the mirror and view the reflection of the sky in the mirrors. They then painted what they could see. As they painted a discussion was had about how artists name their paintings and some examples of the names of famous paintings. The children were then encouraged to name their own artwork on completion.

Through unrestricted exploration of these artistic mediums the children are learning and forming connections.

“Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal resources, including a sense of freedom to venture beyond the known.” Loris Malaguzzi, The Hundred Languages of Children.

April Cooke
Preschool Director