At Preschool we are very excited to share a new outdoor atelier which has been constructed over the school holidays to add an inspirational creative environment for the children to experience outdoors.

Our passionate Atelierista Miss Melanie will use this space to support the children’s learning through artistic forms by facilitating long and short-term art projects with the children.  The creative studio will allow for children’s imagination, expression and experimentation and strive to encourage dynamic learning processes through the arts.

The goal of the atelier is to offer open ended art experiences for our children with various media to emphasise the process of creation. The children will come to understand a medium, how it behaves, how it can be used, how it feels and what tools we use to work with it.

The Atelier was made possible through a successful Quality Learning Environments Grant application applied for by the Preschool and granted by the NSW Government. We look forward to sharing this with our families and the many creations that are made by the children in this new space.

Some of the creations our children have been exploring and creating in relation to the arts at Preschool have involved planting some sunflower seeds, and nurturing the seeds with water, and sun and watching. As a flower developed the children measured, photographed and illustrated the natural wonder as it started to bloom. The children were encouraged to look for shapes within the sunflower such as the petals and the middle of the flower.

Then each child was given a clipboard, paper, black marker and paints so they could illustrate their thoughts. While painting Miss Melanie discussed different painting techniques that the children could use such as painting the petal by blending some green paint in the middle of the flower to create depth.  To further extend on the learning the children then viewed Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflower’s art collection and read a story about his life called Van Gogh and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt.

Mrs A Cooke
Director of Preschool