Recently at Preschool, the children were involved in games week with a variety of fun activities each day designed to promote skill development in a fun way. Some of the activities the children were involved in included:

  • Creating their own marble run using a variety of loose parts and working together to design the run.
  • Practising their eye-hand coordination with the balloon/bat activity where the children were encouraged to swing their foam bat to hit the balloon swaying in the breeze.
  • Elastics which helped the children learn about jumping and co-ordination as they needed to think of how to jump to cross the elastic.
  • Basketball – using eye-hand coordination to toss the ball into the basketball hoop.
  • Balance and coordination using our large muscles to complete a ninja park set up as a challenge.
  • Building a wall of foam bricks and using a ball to knock it down.
  • Hoops hanging as targets where the children aimed to throw the beanbag through the hoop using eye-hand coordination.


By participating in these fun outdoor gross motor activities

  • It gives children the opportunity to learn new things.
  • It can help in their physical development.
  • It can boost their creativity.
  • It can help them acquire social skills.
  • It can help them develop a positive attitude.