It started with a crack then we all watched as the baby chickens hatched from their eggs at Preschool.

The past two weeks week we have had baby chicks at Preschool as the children learn how to care and feed the chicks. The children have been watching the  baby chickens hatch from their eggs and move freely around their pen. The eggs have been warmed in an incubator and this has mimicked the action of a real hen sitting on her eggs. The incubator is made of glass so the children have had the opportunity to view a live hatching and learn more about the life cycle of chickens.

The amazement and excitement of the children as the chickens hatch has been beautiful to observe. They have enjoyed watching the chicks antics and commenting upon them. The children have also had many opportunities to hold the chickens and observe them walking on the mat at Preschool.

Having the chickens in each room at Preschool has prompted the children to ask questions such as:

  • What is the egg made out of ?
  • Why do the eggs needs to be in the incubator ?
  • I wonder what other animals lay eggs ?
  • What do the chickens eat and why do they all look different ?

We have been investigating the children’s inquiries using non fiction books to research the answers as well as looking at clips on the whiteboard.

This opportunity provides the children with the experience to interact with the chickens and learn about them with care and empathy. They are learning about living things, respecting their environment and the connections between people, plants, animals and the land​.

Week 3 we will have pyjama day at Preschool on Tuesday 4th August and Friday 7th August to promote Asthma awareness . On these two days the children are encouraged to come the Preschool wearing their favourite pyjamas for the day. We look forward to seeing all of our Preschool children keeping warm and cosy dressed in their favourite pyjamas on these two days.

April Cooke
Preschool Director