At Preschool we have been having fun with disco days and athletics week the past two weeks.

We saw lots of great dancers and dance moves as the children participated in two days of disco dancing. The rooms were decorated with streamers for the disco and we had a special disco ball to make lights around the Preschool rooms. To extend on the disco learning experience the children created their own disco microphones, disco glasses and head bands to use and wear during the disco. Musical chairs were also a popular dancing activity as the children danced around the chairs until the music stopped and then tried to find a chair.

Through dancing the children are improving their balance, co-ordination and rhythm. Musical games and activities support children’s learning, problem solving, curiosity, cognitive processes, understandings and skills.

Athletics week was an active week where the children participated in a number of fun games and races, each earning a special medal for their efforts each day. The games included egg and spoon races, sack races, hurdles as well as running races. The children all loved participating in the fun and practising their gross motor skills and fundamental skills including balance, jumping, running and hopping.

There were many questions about medals and what the different colours meant. The Gems discussed the differences in medals for positions in the races and learnt Gold was for first place, Silver for second place and Bronze for third place.

Through participation in these physical activities healthy growth and development is promoted. Being an active participant in games and races and persisting instils a feeling of achievement, confidence, and develops overall self-esteem of the children.

Preschool will close on Friday 26th June for a three week break and will resume again on Monday 20th July. We wish all of the children a lovely and safe holiday with their families and look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday 20th July for another fun Term of Love, Laughter and Learning.

April Cooke
Director of Preschool