Recently at Preschool we celebrated Reconciliation Week with the 2020 theme, “In this together”.  This theme reflects our adaptability, resilience and connectedness through relationships.  The children were involved in creating their own Indigenous stories using traditional Aboriginal symbols to share their story and then recreate it in pictorial form.  Each room then participated in creating their own group Story Blanket, with each child having a section for their special drawing on the large blanket. A story blanket is symbolically a warm and safe place for all to come together in unity, where everyone can be themselves and share their stories and listen to others.  By crafting the story blanket together, it represents all the children and their individual stories or identities coming together on our journey.

During the week we also added to our Preschool garden with the incorporation of a number of native Indigenous herbs to further embed Indigenous culture into the Preschool educational program.   The children participated in discussions about some plants and herbs that may be used in Indigenous culture and revisited their learning about how Indigenous people use the land. The herbs planted were:

  • Native Parsley
  • Native Spinach
  • Native Ginger
  • Lemon Myrtle Tree

The children especially enjoyed the Lemon Myrtle leaves which, when rubbed, have a very strong scent.  They discussed planting and what the garden would need to grow, identifying water, sun, air and soil.  They then helped to add dirt and get the soil ready for planting and the plants were added to the garden.

By participating in these experiences the children are developing their understandings and appreciation for the land they learn and play on, the Awabakal land.

Reconciliation requires our commitment to reflecting upon our role and maintaining an understanding of what we can do to contribute to a more tolerant society to support our wider community to understand and respect diversity.

April Cooke
Director of Preschool