We are in full Christmas swing at Preschool with only a week left until the end of the Term. The children have been eager to get to Preschool each morning and find out what the classroom elves have been up to. The elves have been very cheeky and have plastered the classrooms with toilet paper, disco lights, and paint. They have also set up video calls with Santa himself.  A literacy component has been introduced with many of the children working alongside their educators and peers to create a wish list of gifts that they would like to receive. The children have requested a variety of toys such as baby dolls, stickers, barbie dolls, hot wheels cars, bikes, and transformers and drew pictures and wrote simple words on letters that they posted in Santa’s post box.

The children are very excited for their graduation concert next week as they practice daily, ready to show their families their unique talents.

We would like to thank all our families for their kind donations for the giving tree. Preschool did an amazing job for this heart-warming cause. The children are celebrating this week, for their huge effort with lemonade ice blocks.

The Sparkles and Gems have been busy making Christmas decorations using a salt dough recipe.

The children used their fine motor skills to roll the dough into one large flat piece. They then used dough cutters to cut out a variety of shapes such as stars, stockings, and angels. Once the shapes had dried the children used red, green, and gold paint and glitter to decorate these so that they resembled the more traditional decorations they have hanging on their Christmas trees at home.

Ava ‘Mine is so sparkly!’

Eli ‘I am going to give mine to mum and tell her to put it on the Christmas tree.’

Jonty ‘I made a star one! I will put it on my big tree at home too!’

Addison ‘I put a lot and lots of glitter on mine. My mum will say she loves it!’

The Treasures have continued to explore and experiment with circuits and this knowledge has extended to their quest to make a Christmas tree using dough and loose parts. Working together the children formed several triangular shapes using the dough and placed them together to form the tree. A variety of loose parts such as buttons, leaves, and gumnuts formed the decorations. The real fun began as the children used batteries and LED bulbs to make working lights for the tree. Working closely with their educators, the children manipulated the LED bulbs and attached them to the batteries using masking tape.

Hudson ‘Ohhh wow! That is so cool! I love the lights!’

Mark ‘Look it is shiny!’

Manreet ‘It is so pretty with all the lights on the tree.’

Stella ‘The lights only work when you put them with those round batteries’

Logan ‘Yeah but you need to put tape on those lights else they will just go apart and won’t work.’

The children have been busy this week making Christmas biscuits and chocolate balls. This process has involved the children following directions, exploring different shapes and forms, and making further connections with print and its many uses (such as writing to communicate a recipe). This has also been a great experience to incorporate numeracy as we discuss the measurements of the ingredients to add. The children worked side by side with their educators to measure the ingredient and add them to the food processor to form a smooth mixture. The mixture was rolled out and the children used cookie cutters to make the biscuits. Once cooked and cooled the children iced their biscuits to enjoy as an after-lunch treat.

Matilda ‘Mine was so yummy.’

Jayden ‘I like the icing the best.’

Zaylee ‘I think we should cook all the time. It was so fun!’

Eddie ‘I love biscuits and now I can make them myself. Maybe Santa will want some? I can make some for him.’

We would love to hear about how you celebrate Christmas at home with your family? Do you make decorations? Perhaps you have a special Christmas recipe that you enjoy cooking like the shortbread biscuits? Or you might have a fun and inventive Christmas tree like the Treasures? As always, we love when you share your pictures and traditions with us.

Wishing all our families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


Michelle Neylan
Preschool Director