Recently at Preschool the children have been having fun learning about things that fly.

They listened to stories about flight and created a list of things that fly in transport such as aeroplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters and rockets, as well as animals and insects that fly such as birds, dragonflies, gliders, flies and bees.

The children created hot air balloons using patty pans, cups and paddle pop sticks and then looked at the design of a hot air balloon and discussed how it stays in the air.   Then they were involved in making helicopters out of paper and a paper clip and watching it really fly in the air.  They were also predicting which paper aeroplanes would fly the furthest by the way they were folded.

Through these creative experiences based on things that fly, the children have learnt interesting flight related principles and science facts such as;

  • The wings of birds and planes have what is called an aerofoil shape which keeps them in the air.
  • Hot air balloons work because hot air rises.
  • Helicopters feature spinning wings called blades or rotors on top.
  • As a helicopter’s blades spin, they create a force called lift that allows the helicopter to rise into the air.

We have also been cooking this week, with the children using single use ingredients so each child could create their own apricot bliss ball and a vegetable face sandwich.

To create the vegetable face sandwiches the children used cheese, tomato, alfalfa, sultanas and capsicum.   To create the apricot bliss balls they mixed together oats, honey, coconut, chia seeds water and coconut and then used their rolling skills to roll their own individual ball.

We then discussed healthy foods and sometimes foods and learnt that we eat healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, cereals and meats most of the time and sometimes foods such as donuts, chips and lollies as a treat.

By participating in hands-on cooking activities, it helps children develop confidence and skills.  Following recipes encourages children to be self- directed and independent and it also teaches them to follow directions and develop problem-solving skills.

April Cooke
Preschool Director