This week it was lovely to have all of our Preschool friends back again after their time at home. The joy of seeing the children’s faces as they came to Preschool and saw their friends was very special. We thought it would be a nice idea to talk about what each of the children had been doing at home in the lockdown:

Charlie – I made lizards with Dad with sticks and pipe cleaners

Esther – I lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came and I got two dollars

Eliza – My Sister got new swings

Luca – We went to the farm with my uncle and he has a digger

Noah – I saw Enzo at Coles when I was shopping

Aanya – I went to the shops to get new shoes and Aira got some

Zaylee – I made cupcakes with Mummy and they had chocolate icing

Joshua – The chickens have grown really big that I took from Preschool

Charlie and Esther were then invited to make a connection between home and Preschool by bringing in craftwork they created at home to share with the children. Esther and Charlie were very excited the next day to arrive with their craft lizards and dragonflies and displayed their leadership skills at the craft table sharing their knowledge, collaborating, and working together with their peers to create their own individual insects. Joshua also shared some photos from home of the chickens that were really big. We were all amazed at how much the baby chicks had grown and learnt that although they had grown they haven’t started to lay eggs yet, further learning about living things and gaining respect for our environment.

It was also National Birdwatch week and so each day we used a bird-watching app to record the number of different birds we saw in the trees near Preschool. The children identified that the Cockatoos had made a nest in the hole in the tree where the Galahs used to nest last term. They were concerned about where the Galahs may have gone to and thought it would be a good idea to make some homes again for the birds to come into Preschool and live in again. We also created our own human nest at group time using our bodies to join together to create the human nest.

We have scaffolded onto our prior learning by exploring types of birds and sounds they make, identifying their eggs and matched them with their type, and investigating their feathers and colours. Collaborative art has allowed the group to express their ideas of nature and birds using stimulus from a story called ‘Welcome to Country’, where we discussed our acknowledgment and why we are grateful to the First Nation’s owners of the land, our Preschool is built on. Before identifying Australian animals and birds and painting our interpretations of the chosen provocation from the story.

We were very excited to hear back from the local vet who answered our questions in regards to caring for the birds. We have taken her advice and bought a birdbath for the Preschool and working on creating our very own bird feeder boxes that the children are making with wood.

Our first week of news has been exciting as many friends have shared important items from their home life with the group. It takes great courage to stand up in front of your peers, and the Educators are very proud of the Children for being so brave. It has been a positive and meaningful experience as it assists the Children to further develop their confidence, social skills, and effective communication skills.

The children and families have been doing a wonderful job collecting and bringing in lids. Lids for Kids is a great initiative, we collect the lids and take them to a local drop off point where they are then transported to be recycled to make prosthetic limbs for disabled children using 3D printing.


Michelle Neylan
Preschool Director