We have been busy preparing for Father’s Day this week making special gifts to acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact male role models (fathers, grandfathers, uncles) have on our life. The Gems and the Sparkles have been making keychains and the Treasures have been making t-shirts. We haven’t forgotten our friends staying safe at home either. We created several craft packs for collection from Preschool to be made up at home! We can’t wait to hear how our families celebrated this special occasion and would love to see some photos.

Last week we celebrated Book Week both at school and digitally at home using zoom. We were so impressed with the way everyone joined in and dressed up. We shared several special books and shone a light on the importance of early literacy. Throughout the week we explored concepts associated with storybooks such as authors and illustrators. We also learnt that books remain consistent, and the story does not change. We learn that the pictures represent the words in the book and that we read them from front to back. Furthermore, we learnt that the words in a book are read from left to right, top to bottom. These are all fundamental skills associated with later reading and writing. Later in the day, we applied this new knowledge and began to write our very own short storybooks.

We have continued to participate in experiences that are engaging our fine motor skills and have focused our time on scissor skills and cutting. The children have been cutting along lines, around different shapes, and been making slinky snakes. We can see a vast improvement in the children’s skills and control. It has also been nice to observe their positive attitudes towards learning.

Our collaborative skills came into play this week as we worked together to create a large tie-dyed creation. The children followed the directions given by their educators to add elastic bands to the large piece of material. They then used primary coloured dye and began to carefully add it to the material. As they added the colours, they noticed some magical changes. The yellow, red, and blue began to join to create secondary colours such as green, purple, and orange. This gave the children the perfect opportunity to investigate, experiment, and hypothesise. The results were spectacular!