This week we have been explorers as we engaged in a treasure hunt in the outdoor environment. The children enjoyed discovering sequins and sparkles in the gardens and extended on their own learning as they chose to create their own treasure chest out of recycled materials. We revisited this again the next day at their request, demonstrating their enthusiasm and curiosity.

One of our Educators bought in some lemons from her tree and lemonade fruit to squeeze, the children were very excited with them all using fine motor skills and muscles to twist the fruit on the manual juicer. They were all willing to taste the juice with some friends asking for more. Together we talked about healthy and unhealthy foods and they were able to identify that fruit was good for you, demonstrating they are becoming aware of healthy lifestyle choices and what is good for our bodies.

The group has been very sustainable adding lids and soft plastics to our separate baskets and bins. It is amazing to see them take care of our environment by recycling and continuing these practices daily. They have begun to remind their peers to keep their lids and ask for any plastic to add to the bins. They have added to the compost by collecting their food scraps and mixing and watering them. The children discovered the bottom of the compost had broken down and used this to add to our gardens as food.

The Children have had the opportunity to take part in a variety of online learning platforms such as Taronga Zoo and ABC kids science.


We have had many Preschool children learning from home. They have been engaging in their home learning pack activities and storytime videos. We have loved the positive feedback and receiving photos of their child engaged in the experiences.

Children’s learning is dynamic, complex, and holistic. Physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive, and linguistic aspects of learning are all intricately interwoven and interrelated.



Michelle Neylan
Preschool Director