At Preschool, with reduced visits from performers we have been planning extra special days to have fun. We recently had dress up days where the children were all invited to come dressed as their favourite book or movie character. There were lots of excited faces arriving at Preschool as the children were eager to share their costume and who they were dressed as with the teachers and their friends. We have had some great costumes such as an Airforce worker, Batman, Buzz Lightyear, lots of Princesses and characters from Frozen.

By dressing up as their favourite character, the children are developing their brain and memory as dramatic play encourages children to remember what they have seen or heard. It builds their vocabulary and encourages them to use their imagination as they decide what their character would say and develops social skills such as cooperation and taking turns. A child can be anyone he/she likes and role playing and storytelling helps children develop ideas about how the world works.

We are so very proud of our Preschool children and how they have adapted to the changes at Preschool. They have all been very grown up practising our hygiene rules by sanitising their hands-on entry to Preschool and finding out “their special number” when having their temperature checks. Temperature checks have also provided a mathematical learning experience as the children look at the thermometer and try to recognise the numbers.

The children have also been saying goodbye to mum or dad at the gate, wearing their school back packs into Preschool and unpacking their morning tea and lunch with assistance if needed and this is developing their independence skills.

It is wonderful to see, that even though these measures are to keep everyone safe in COVID 19 times, there is always a positive learning experience that we can make from it.

April Cooke
Director of Preschool