This week at Preschool we were lucky to have a number of special women in our children’s lives visit for Mothers Week. We had a visit from the following special women:

Esther’s Nan Bridget came and we learnt how a sewing machine works, learnt about stretchy fabric and elastic that keeps our clothes up. We each then received a special bag that Esther’s Nan had sewn on the sewing machine and we took turns filing them with special lavender. We tied a ribbon at the top and took the lovely lavender bags home for our special mums.

Enzo’s Mum Esther came and shared special news about her country of birth Spain. We learnt all about the foods from Spain and even had fun dancing to a special Spanish song called the Macarena.

Meha’s Mum Mandy shared her occupation as a Dentist and we talked about healthy foods for our teeth and unhealthy foods that we only eat sometimes.

Mia’s Mum Rebecca shared her occupation of a Medical Scientist, we took turns at looking under a microscope at slides, we also talked about what a scientist does and how they work on viruses to keep us safe. We tried on Goggles, Scientist lab coats and gloves and became our own Scientists.

Riley’s Nan Pam came in on Wednesday to teach us about her hobby of knitting. We talked about what knitting is, looked at knitting needles and the skill of knitting. We also then had fun being creative and each worked on creating a pom pom by wrapping wool around a cardboard circle shape.

Hunter’s Mum Katie came in on Friday and talked to us about being fit and her interest in competing in Strongwoman. We learnt that she goes in competitions around Australia which focus on being strong and lifting very heavy weights. Katie showed us a medal she had won where she came first, a belt she uses to protect her back when lifting heavy weights and a picture of herself carrying a big heavy barrel.

Austin’s Mum Christine brought in her massage table and massages oil and demonstrated how to massage our bodies. She spent time discussing the different types of massage and the benefits they can have on our bodies.

Jayda’s Mum Heather spent some time with us discussing the many ways Nurses and Doctors help to keep us healthy. Jayda’s Mum brought in some medical equipment such as bandages, ointments and syringes to demonstrate a range of different scenarios with the children.

Amelia’s Mum Maree spoke about her job teaching. She spend some time with the children talking specifically about mathematics and how it is all around us and part of most of the things we d

Ekisha’s Mum Meena engaged the children in some Indian cooking as they made potato Naan bread. Mena explained that she makes Naan every day for her Family. The children all tried a piece and thought it was delicious.

The children were active participants as they listened, joined in and asked interesting questions.

We were also very fortunate to have a visit from Margo form Pacific Smiles last week. The children participated in sharing their thoughts and opinions on how to keep their teeth and bodies healthy, Margo discussed the ‘healthy options such as fruits and vegetables and only water or milk to drink’. Margo demonstrated how to clean, floss and care for our teeth before we had turn at using the dental equipment on the many puppets provided. The children were eager to use the mirrors, tooth brushes, floss, gloves and masks.


“We need toothpaste and floss”


“We drink water and milk when we’re thirsty”


“We watched Dr Rabbit”


“We brush our teeth at night too”


“My Daddy brush my teeth”


“If your teeth break, a new one will grow”