Last week at Preschool, the children enjoyed a Teddy Bears Picnic each day. The children sang songs such as; Teddy Bear Teddy Bear and Rock a Bye a Bear, completed teddy bear crafts, learnt nursery rhymes, and went on a bear hunt.  Other Teddy inspired experiences the children were engaged with included teddy masks, teddy bear stories and dances. The children also included their teddy in games using the parachute.

The children enjoyed having a picnic outside with their bear every day in the lovely weather. At group times the children took turns in introducing their bears to each other.  They spoke about why they love their bear and what’s special about them, where they had got them from, and talked about their features such as eye colours and ears.

“My bear likes music and the parachute” said Zaylee

“My bear likes to sleep, eat and play” said Eden

“My teddy feels good to be at school” said Esther

Through sharing their bears and special toys the children are sharing important information about themselves and learning more about each other.

The teddies have enjoyed having a lunch time picnic each day with the children and we have enjoyed meeting all of the children’s special teddies.

Michelle Neylan 

Preschool Director