The Preschool children are displaying their confidence and sense of security as they settle into Week 3 at Preschool. They happily arrive and wave goodbye to their parents/grandparents before unpacking their bags and engaging in experiences.

The Monday/Tuesday group in the Sparkle room have been extending their identity interest through expressions games, exploring feelings using sensory items and creating self-portrait artworks. They have enjoyed reading about feelings and we have discussed how we express them at Preschool. The baby dolls were requested with many friends caring for them, further extending their understanding of feelings and emotions, both their own and others.

The Thursday/Friday group in the Sparkle room have shown an interest in exploring nature and planting seeds. We have investigated a variety of seeds and have begun to grow our own individual seeds to take home, we are extending on this by growing seeds to plant in our garden. We are watering them throughout the day and are using magnifying glasses to observe changes. Measuring tools have been added to explore their differences further as we document their growth.

The Treasures have continued to explore their identity and what makes them unique. We have moved on from looking at our physical features and have been exploring special qualities and preferences. We have used books such as ‘Be You’ and ‘Super Duper You’ to facilitate conversations and further thinking in regards to this.

Again we are providing the children with the opportunity to visually represent this information using creative arts. A majority of the children are choosing black markers and watercolour paints. We are finding that these portraits are detailed and most include finer features such as eyebrows, pupils, eyelashes and freckles. The children have been promoted to draw their unique quality or preferences. For example, one of the children said they had a beautiful smile and so they drew a big smile. Another child mentioned their listening ears and drew ears to represent this. Our educators prompted the children with open-ended questioning and re-reading their group time discussions.

The Gems have been exploring identity and learning about themselves, each other and about families. The children have been involved in creating self-portraits of themselves using loose parts, facial templates and dough, allowing them to tell a story through art. Each day the children have been creating their interpretations of themselves and some also revisiting it to make additions to their original portrait.

Matilda – “This is me, I have a green headband and shells on the side of my headband. I’m using a ball to make eyeballs and these can be the tiny eyeballs (pushing small plastic eyes onto the dough balls.) My sister has long hair too.”

Lachlan – “I’m making mine a tool face!” Lachlan chose all of the screws and bolts from the loose parts to make his portrait.

From the self-portraits many of the children discussed family members and made comparisons of themselves with comments such as “My brother is bigger than me” and “My mum has curly hair.” A table was then set up with paddle pop sticks and markers which could be used as a provocation for children to create houses and an image of their family.

Eden – “This is my lounge because my dog lays on the lounge all day in my house because he is tired.”

Michelle Neylan
Preschool Director