The Preschool children have been excited to come to Preschool to engage in ‘news’. They were invited to bring in a photo or an item of something that is special to them to share. Some of the news that was shared included:

Atticus brought in an enlarged aerial picture of his farm and his large blueberry crop.
Aria brought in photos and talked about when she lived in the “top end”.
Lexi recently found a snakeskin at her house and shared this with her friends.
Max showed and spoke about his red bendy bus from England.
Zaylee and Sage got creative and made informative posters on mermaids and dinosaurs.
Sophia was excited to show the painted rocks she found on her camping trip.
Amelia and Austin brought in trophies that were special to them.
Luca presented his remote control monster truck and educated his peers on “programming” and explained the car’s functions and movements of “forwards’ and “backwards”.

There were many more great news items that were shared and discussed, facilitating learning and development. News is a wonderful introduction to public speaking as children are given the option of speaking about a topic they know well and are interested in. When speaking about something you know and are interested in, this supports and promotes confidence to develop in a safe and familiar environment. Children will also become more comfortable contributing in class and asking questions.

Speaking in front of a group is an effective experience to encourage the use of descriptive language and develops a child’s ability to retell stories – in turn leading to improved communication skills which are important throughout their lives. They also develop the ability to answer questions well.

Being part of the audience is also an important part of learning. The audience learns to sit still and listen closely to someone other than their teacher, and to be respectful. As a result, they learn to consider their own ideas, think of questions or a comment about the topic and raise their hand to ask their question or comment.

“Do snakes live in your backyard?” asked Neve
“Where did you find the snake skin?” asked Edward
“What do you grow on your farm” asked Beaudie
“Where did you buy it?” asked Jack
“How much did it cost” asked William T

The children are displaying they are effective communicators, as they engage in enjoyable interactions using verbal and non-verbal language.

April Cooke
Preschool Director