Performing Arts

Music Teaching in an Online Environment

The emergence of COVID-19 Pandemic in Term 1 presented both Music teachers and students with a unique challenge; transitioning our teaching and learning of a practical artform from the face-to-face environment to the online mode. This shift in the teaching and learning environment, required teachers to collaboratively reflect, redesign and reorganise, and implement new methods of teaching and learning.

One aspect of this is the consideration of the role the interaction with digital technology has in supporting students to further develop their key learning competencies. This enabled teaching staff to maintain a high level of expectations by way of empowering students in tailoring and directing their own learning, whilst also supporting students by providing appropriate levels of instruction and feedback where necessary. It was extremely rewarding to witness the manner in which both College staff and students engaged in this journey with such energy and enthusiasm.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our College Instrumental teachers for also adapting and continuing to offer one-to-one Instrumental lessons to our College Music students online. This has been no easy feat given the obvious issues with latency online, requiring teachers to reconsider how they communicate musically with their students. I would also like to acknowledge the work our College Ensemble Directors have done, in preparing online tutorial videos for Term 2 to continue to engage our Ensemble Musicians and ensure a continuity of learning during this period.

Looking to the future, and as we navigate through a process of partial return to the traditional face-to-face teaching and learning mode, I believe we are sailing into new, exciting and unchartered waters – integrating new learned pedagogies with the more traditional – to continue to support, engage and develop robust learners, that can adapt, reimagine and reapply their thinking.

The Music staff within the Creative and Performing Arts Faculty at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, are excited for the new chapter and challenge in our development, integrating new pedagogies with more traditional pedagogies, to continue to engage and support our students.

At Bishop Tyrrell we offer Instrumental lessons with some of the best Instrumental teachers in the Hunter region. Lessons are currently available online throughout the week, according to the availability of the individual tutors. Please click on the Instrumental Music Lessons tab on the College Caleb Co-Curricular page and you will be directed to the available teaching staff.

Mr G Ross
Head of Creative Arts & Performance