Book Week Fun

What a lot of fun we had celebrating Book Week online last week! Congratulations to all the students (and parents) for your brilliant costumes. Your enthusiasm and effort made this such a success, so thank you and well done! If you missed the show (or loved it so much you just want to relive it again) you can still catch it by visiting the Live Streams page on CALEB.

Congratulations to our Best Costume prize winners:

Kindergarten – Winner: Evie L, Second: Beaudie H
Year 1 – Winner: Eloise A, Second: Sara J
Year 2 – Winner: Lachlan S, Second: Finn M
Year 3 – Winner: Noah T, Second: Addison K
Year 4 – Winner: April H, Second: Ben S
Year 5 – Winner: Eden B, Second: Harvey W
Year 6 – Winner: Evan J, Second: Gracy B



And congratulations to our Book Trailer prize winners:

Eiley W (Year 1), Barnaby B (Year 1), Indi S (Year 2), Addison K (Year 3), Sebastian B (Year 3), Aden G (Year 3), Cameron M (Year 4), Evelyn R (Year 5), Gracy B (Year 6).

We will be judging the Best Bookmark competition once we’re all back meeting together face to face.


Adrianna Demmocks 

Librarian and Careers Advisor • Library