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One of the key characteristics of creativity in the deep learning model is identified as pursuing and expressing novel ideas and solutions. In Year 7 Visual Arts, students have engaged in a deep study of the topic of Viewpoints. The topic is unpacked through Western and Indigenous ideals and through technical aspects of drawing, like perspective within concepts of country, landscapes and the built environment.

Students have, upon their return from online learning mode, applied their understanding of these concepts to imagining building structures and models using simple materials such as cardboard. The language of working in three dimensions is a challenge and students have had to draw on existing skills, make mistakes, rework ideas, learn new skills in joining and cutting cardboard to resolve a unique structure. They have also had to consider positive and negative space and surfaces, angles and planes. For many this has been a deeply engaging and rewarding activity. The making of artefacts such as artworks is a significant process which exercises the brain in a uniquely reflective process. The photos below are of students enjoying and engaging in this process.

Instrumental Teacher Profile

Jeremy Borthwick is considered one of the finest Jazz trombonists and band leaders in the country. He is also a highly respected Music educator with regular appearances at many clinics, camps and workshops each year, as well as teaching a large number of private students.

Jeremy has performed and toured with many great international Jazz artists including Cleo Laine, Jim McNeely, Bert Joris, Florian Ross, John Hollenbeck, Charles Tolliver, Jon Cleary, Barney McCall, Spoon, Philip Johnson, Alan Youngblood and Chris Potter.

He works regularly with many leading Australian musicians including Dan Barnett, James and John Morrison, Mike Knock, Phil Slater, James Muller, The Catholics, Steve Hunter, Johnathon Zwartz, Dave Theak, Andrew Dickeson, Evan Lohning, Anthony Howe, James Ryan, George Washing Machine, Jon Stevens, Monica Trapaga and the Unity Hall Jazz Band to name a few.

Projects he has worked on include his quartet “Exposed Bone”, the “Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra”, the “Bogalusa Strutters”, “The Rehab Brass Band”, “The Vanguard Players”, ”The Unity Hall Jazz Band”, “Dan Barnett Big Band”, “Mucho Mambo” and several “working bands” and original concepts.

Jeremy has performed at most major festivals within Australia, and a number abroad throughout Europe and beyond, including the Montreux and Ascona Jazz Festivals. He has released two albums featuring his original music, Jeremy Borthwick Volume 1 ‘Smokin’ da Bone’, and Volume 2 ‘Plugged’ which was voted in the top ten albums for 2007 by Sydney Morning Herald. Jeremy has appeared on over twenty recordings as a sideman.

Currently, Mr Borthwick is the College trumpet teacher, and conducts a number of College ensembles.

At Bishop Tyrrell we offer Instrumental lessons with some of the most qualified and experienced Instrumental teachers in the Hunter region. Lessons are currently available both on the College Campus before, during and after College hours, and online throughout the week – according to the availability of the individual tutors. Please click on the Instrumental Music Lessons tab on the College Caleb Co-Curricular page and you will be directed to the available instrumental teaching staff and gain access to their College contact details.

Gareth Ross
Head of Creative Arts and Performance