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Primary Instrumental Performance Program (PIPP) update

As we come to the end of what has certainly been a challenging year in Music Education, the College would like to take this opportunity to thank our instrumental staff, Stage 2 and 3 class teachers, and of course the parents and caregivers of Years’ 3 to 5 students, for the amazing efforts to support student’s engagement and learning this year, particularly during the lockdown period whilst sectional rehearsals were being conducted online.  

During the course of our recent lockdown period, these lessons/rehearsals provided the opportunity for students to challenge themselves in mastering new skills, self-regulate and take responsibility for their own development, and develop resilience, patience, and adaptability. There is also a keen sense of collaboration within each instrument group which expands the students’ social connections outside their own class and friendship group. We have been very impressed with the outcomes of this program, such as the remarkable improvements in both instrumental skill and overall student confidence. One of the goals of the program this year was to form a first tier of Primary large ensembles, with students in Years 3 through to 5 combining to form a Large String Ensemble, Extension String EnsembleGuitar EnsembleExtension Guitar EnsembleDrumline, and of course, Concert Band

Please enjoy the following clips of students’ first combined Years 3 – 5 Concert Band rehearsal that occurred only weeks prior to lockdown. 

As previously announced, we are excited that in 2022, the PIPP will be expanding to encompass all students from Years 3 through to 6. This program initiative, coupled with timetabled music lessons taught by specialist music staff, the College’s Instrumental Peripatetic Lesson program, the Gifted and High Potential (GAHP) music program, and of course the College’s Co-Curricular Ensemble Programdemonstrates the College’s exciting and comprehensive investment in Music education. 

Instrumental Lessons 

At Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, we embrace proven research that shows a clear correlation between the engagement in learning and playing a musical instrument, and brain development in young people – even from as early as infanthood: 

1“a strong case for the benefits of active engagement with music throughout the lifespan. In early childhood there seem to be benefits for the development of perceptual skills which affect language learning and which subsequently impact on literacy. Opportunities to be able to co-ordinate rhythmically also seem important for the acquisition of literacy skills. Fine motor co-ordination is also improved through learning to play an instrument. Music also seems to improve spatial reasoning, one aspect of general intelligence which is related to some of the skills required in mathematics. While general attainment is clearly affected by literacy and numeracy skills, motivation, which depends on self-esteem, self-efficacy, and aspirations, is also important in the amount of effort given to studying. Engagement with music can enhance self-perceptions, but only if it provides positive learning experiences which are rewarding. This means that overall, the individual needs to experience success. This is not to say that there will never be setbacks but they must be balanced by future aspirations which seem achievable and self-belief in attaining them.” 

1 Hallam, S. (2010). The power of music: Its impact on the intellectual, social, and personal development of children and young people. International Journal of Music Education, 28(3), 269-289.

Instrumental lessons are available on campus before, during, and after College hours. The College proudly boasts some of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley’s most talented and experienced instrumental and vocal staff. To enquire about lesson availability, fees, etc, please go to CALEB – Co-Curricular – Instrumental Music Lessons. Here you can follow the links to contact Instrumental staff directly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Ross. 

Gifted & High Potential Music Program (GAHP) 

The new 2022 College year heralds the return of the College’s Gifted and High Potential music program. This program runs each Wednesday afternoon from 3.10pm through to 4.15pm. Our dedicated music staff, along with a rotating roster of specialist instrumental staff and guest artists, offer students the opportunity to participate in Performance Masterclasses to demonstrate and hone their stage performance skill-set, and Theory & Musicianship Workshops to build their musicianship.  

If your child has achieved Grade 3 or above, they would be very welcome to join this dedicated and enthusiastic group. Please follow the link below to fill out the Expression of Interest. We also request that parents of the current cohort fill out this form for the new school year, should their child wish to continue with the program. 

Click to Download Expression of Interest Form 

For further information, please contact Mr. Gareth Ross  

Year 8 Music 

Year 8 Music students have delved into the world of composing and arranging using the digital audio workstation, Soundtrap. Please sit back and enjoy a small snippet of their work from the recent assessment task. Who knows, we may even have the next Mark Ronson at our College.   

2022 Calendar of Events  

Event  Term  Week  Date 
Bishop Tyrrell Day  1  7A  Wednesday March 9 
Mother’s Day Breakfast & Stall  2  2A  Friday May 6 
PIPP Concert  2  9B  Wednesday June 22 
Instrumental Peripatetic Showcase Concert  2  9B  Thursday 23 June 
College Musical Production  3  2B  Wed July 27-Sat July 30 
Father’s Day Breakfast & Stall  3  7A  Friday September 2 
PIPP Concert  3  10B  Wednesday September 21 
Instrumental Peripatetic Showcase Concert  3  10B  Thursday September 22 
Year 12 Valedictory Assembly  3  10B  Friday September 23 
Year 6 Graduation  4  8B  Friday December 2 
Speech Day  4  9A  Thursday December 8 

Instrumental Teacher Highlights  

Ms Chin-Hwi Ang – Limited places available! 

 Viola and violin teacher, Chin-Hwi Ang, has limited vacancies for students from Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College to enrol for private music lessons in 2022. Chin-Hwi is a registered provider under the Creative Kids initiative and is passionate about the value of music education. 

To enquire about viola or violin lessons for your child with Chin-Hwi here at the College please email: 




 NEW STAFF – Introducing Ms. Jennifer Hankin

Jennifer Hankin is a passionate musician and educator. She began her flute lessons at the age of 10, and since then has completed her A.Mus.A, Diploma of Music Performance, and Bachelor of Music with Honours in Flute, Piccolo, and Composition. She is currently undertaking a Masters of Creative Industries through SAE and is the 2022 Dots and Loops Composition fellow. She has over 10 years of teaching experience in a variety of settings, including school band, jazz band, and orchestral ensembles. 

As well as playing flute, she sings, plays the ukulele, and regularly composes for a variety of instruments. In 2020, she released her Debut series of solo work for flute titled “5 Short Thoughts” and an EP titled “Folksy Dreams Vol 1”. Jennifer performs regularly with a number of Newcastle and Sydney bands, including Othrship, Lachlan X Morris, The Button Collective and Vanishing Shapes. 

We look forward to welcoming Jennifer to the College in the new year. 


Mr. Gareth Ross

Head of Creative Arts and Performance