What a joy to be able to come to the end of the year announcing that our Samaritans Giving Tree was a huge success!!

The hundreds of donations from our generous BTAC families will be distributed at the Samaritans Christmas Lunch where they will surely put a smile on lots of faces. When the Samaritans came to collect the gifts, we were expecting a van or small truck which isn’t quite what turned up… and let’s just say you never know just how many gifts you can fit into three carloads in a Suzuki Swift!! As the Samaritans volunteer pointed out, that’s a nice problem to have.

In our final Primary Chapel service for 2021, we reflected on the Three Wise Men, who stepped out in faith and trusted in God’s message to travel to Bethlehem. They left behind everything that was familiar, and their world would never be the same. Yet they embraced that as an opportunity. They travelled afar and celebrated the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, the Prince of Peace. They brought gifts. They bowed down before him.

After another tough year, we know that our world will never be quite the same. As we hope and pray for people to be healthy, for restrictions to be lifted, and to be able to travel to see family, we also know deep down that something about the way we live has changed forever. Perhaps that is our assumption that something like this could never happen to us!

But like the Three Wise Men, we can embrace this change as an opportunity. We can listen to God and step out in faith to new prospects and new callings. We can celebrate the things that we no longer take for granted. As we draw closer to Christmas after another tough year, we are more appreciative than ever of family, good health, and good cheer.

May God bless you and your family this Christmas.


Rev Jacqui Weston

College Chaplain