Careers News

As well as equipping our students to succeed in their academic studies, we provide a range of resources and opportunities to help our students progress through their career planning journey.

Australian Defence Force Virtual Information Sessions

Throughout July there are a range of virtual information sessions available for students considering a career in the Defence Force. Students and Parents are welcome to attend one of the general information sessions, a tailored session specific to their interests (such as Trades in Defence, STEM careers, or Women in Defence), or multiple sessions.

To see which sessions are available, and to register, check out the Blog post on the CALEB Careers Page.

Year 10

Subject selection for Year 11 is open early this term. Resources to help support this decision include:

Wirl Careers
Most of our Year 10 Students completed the career assessment tool quiz on the Wirl Careers platform last term. This resource helps to identify your areas of interest and links these to suggested occupations and careers information.
If you haven’t completed yours yet, you can log in at (Username: btac Password: btac18) and use the Account Creation tab to set up your own individualised account. There is a short tutorial here if you need help.

Year 11

Leadership preparation and selection is commencing this term. This is a great way to develop new skills and experiences which will help you with many University early entry applications and scholarship applications in 2021.

Academic studies
Having a career goal in mind can motivate you to do your best in your studies. Your Year 11 results will be considered for any School Recommendation Scheme (SRS) early entry applications to University next year, so now is the time to focus and achieve your best results.

Year 12

University applications are now open, and many students have started their application process. Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

  • August – all courses for study in 2021 will be available for selection on your UAC application (so check your preferences and make adjustments/additions if necessary)
  • 20 September – Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) applications due by midnight
  • 30 September – UAC early bird applications must be completed and paid to avoid a massive increase in application fee (from $70 up to $200)

Traineeships and Apprenticeships
If you’re looking into Vocational Education after school, you should start looking now as many organisations start their recruitment process for 2021 now. More info on CALEB Careers>Apprenticeships page.

Adrianna Demmocks
Careers Advisor