Whilst many of our students will go on to study at University after completing their schooling, apprenticeships offer an alternative pathway to achieving a rewarding career. According to the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS) the top employing occupations in our post-Covid19 world are all achievable by following an apprenticeship pathway.

The Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service website provides a wealth of useful information to help you learn more about apprenticeships and plan your career path, including:

A short career quiz with a focus on careers that can be achieved via an apprenticeship pathway, including links to detailed information about suggested occupations based on your responses

Check your readiness for an apprenticeship by taking a short (10 minute) literacy and numeracy quiz, specific to your industry of interest. Are your skills up to scratch, or do you need to practice to make some improvements?

When you already know what area you would like to work in, but aren’t sure of the educational pathway required for you to get there, these Job Pathways charts will guide you.

The AATIS “My Gain” YouTube page has informative videos on School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs), Group Training, Pre-apprenticeships, Women in Trades, and much, much more.

Apprenticeship opportunities are also listed regularly on the Careers CALEB page:


Adrianna Demmocks 

Librarian and Careers Advisor • Library