Career Planning Resources

Trying to decide on your future career can be tough, but don’t worry. There are lots of resources out there that can help you to make a great decision!

Below are a few resources we highly recommend you explore to help with your career planning:


This is the National Career Information Service and is user-friendly and brimming with helpful information. It includes an interactive questionnaire (“My Career Profile”) which uses your responses to make suggestions of occupations you might like; “Career Bullseyes” that allow you to explore different occupations based on school subjects you enjoy; information on “Occupations” including employment prospects (based on ABS data), an overview of the main tasks involved in the job, educational pathways, and videos of people working in the role.

MyFuture even has a section dedicated to Parents and Carers, to guide you in helping your child plan for their future.

Industry Insights: Media and Telecommunications | Thursday 9 September 2021, 4.00 pm (AEST)

This is the first in our new Industry Insights webinar series brought to you by MyFuture and the Australian Business & Community Network (ABCN).

The media and telecommunications industry employs almost 200,000 workers in Australia. In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of representatives from technology and telecommunications companies. We’ll explore a range of occupations in the industry, essential competencies required for the work, emerging occupations, and future challenges for this industry. Register now

MyFuture will also be hosting a Professional, scientific, and technical industries webinar in October, and a Financial and Insurance Services industries webinar in November.

Your Career

This is an Australian government website with a wealth of information to support you at any stage of your career planning journey. Find occupation information, complete quizzes to help you determine what kind of work is most suited to you, explore courses and apprenticeships information, build your resume, and read lots of relevant articles.

You might know what you want to do, and just need help getting there, OR want to work on short-term qualifications once you finish school, OR need some advice about how to choose a career. Whatever stage you are at, Your Career can help.

Skills Road

This website is youth-focussed and contains the information you would expect about career advice and training/study options, but it also includes advice for job hunting (including a Jobs Board where you can search for part-time, casual, and entry-level jobs around Australia).

Take another Careers Quiz to get career recommendations matched to your interests, test yourself with the Job Fit Test to see how your skills, qualifications, and interests stack up and explore different industries with the SkillsRoad Industry Videos and 360⁰ Virtual Workplace tours.

Find more resources on our CALEB>Careers page.



Adrianna Demmocks 

Librarian and Careers Advisor • Library