Academic Learning

Staff Learning

Schools are not only places of learning for students, but part of the College’s Professional Growth cycle requires staff to engage in Professional Learning linked to the Strategic and Operational Plans of the College. Recently, the College committed to being a part of the Microsoft School Transformation Program. College leaders, teachers and support staff have been participating in a series of online learning to build their capacity to transform the College to support students using the technology they already have at their fingertips. As part of the training, we are uncovering answers to questions like:

  • Are our school leaders and teachers equipped to deliver high-quality educational opportunities for each and every child in a rapidly-changing world?
  • Are we best leveraging technology to make our school a more equitable and inclusive community?
  • Are we getting the most out of our existing Microsoft 365 technologies?

Completing this transformation training will help ensure that the College is in the best possible position to ensure we have students engaged in deep, measurable learning; that our classrooms inspire learning; that our teachers are skilled and equipped to run the education of students unlimited by time or place; that learning is personalised and enjoyable for all students.

Year 12 Students – Entry Information and Applications

All Year 12 students are aware that UAC is open for university applications and they will have received their UAC PIN. This must be kept in a safe place as the College does not receive a copy of this. Early bird applications close Wednesday 30 September 2020 – see for more information.

Also, some students may be interested in applying for an Educational Access Scheme, a Schools Recommendation Scheme or an Equity Scholarship. These are also open, visit for more information on scholarships and schemes. Students can see Mrs Demmocks or myself for more information regarding these schemes.

Ms Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal