As we prepare for the changing of the guard for Year 12 students in the coming week, we have reflected on the contribution of our 2020 Year 12 students to the College community.

During my time at the College, I have been impressed by the Commitment to Learning demonstrated by our Year 12 students with 23 receiving semester 2 Gold and Silver Awards which is 46% of the cohort. This is particularly impressive as they have had to engage in learning online over the last six months.

Their focus during the recent exam period has not changed which is a delight to witness.

When considering feedback from our staff about these students is seems that their success comes from being committed to supporting one another in teamwork and personal wellbeing. Equally, they have developed a strong sense of resilience throughout this year, the culmination of study for their HSC. They have adopted a new way of learning online and independently, which will stand them in good stead for future tertiary study and work. Others who prefer face to face teaching, have learned to focus on their strengths and reflect more deeply on future study and work options.

As a whole, Year 12’s have learned to adapt to change and put their hand “up” to help others, not expecting something in return. We thank these students for being exceptional role models for students throughout the school, in their respectful behaviour, positivity and the energy they bring to school life.

The pandemic has highlighted the need to be abundantly cautious with our health and the health of everyone in our community. Regrettably, this has curtailed farewell gatherings in September, the scheduled time for Year 12 celebrations, due to the imperative to remain healthy in the lead up and throughout the HSC Exam period.

Today, I received advice from the University of Newcastle which has offered all applicants an additional 5 adjustment points for all programs (excluding the Joint Medical Program) to secure entry to the courses of their choice. It has been a challenging time for Year 12 students and the University of Newcastle continues to look for ways to provide additional reassurance and support for students. Other universities. I am sure, will be seeking ways to support this cohort fulfil their career goals, recognising that it has certainly been an atypical year.

We wish our Year 12 students the very best for the coming HSC examination period and thank them for leading our community. As graduates of Bishop Tyrrell these students are automatically members of the College Alumni and we hope they will stay connected and keep us informed of their achievements in further study and work.

One of the most rewarding days of the Principal’s year is when interviews are held for Year 11 students aspiring to leadership positions. Thursday 10 September will be one of those inspiring days.  I can’t wait!

Suzanne Bain

Academic Learning featured image

Academic Learning

Staff Learning Schools are not only places of learning for students, but part of the College’s Professional Growth cycle requires staff to engage in Professional …


Academic Learning

Staff Learning

Schools are not only places of learning for students, but part of the College’s Professional Growth cycle requires staff to engage in Professional Learning linked to the Strategic and Operational Plans of the College. Recently, the College committed to being a part of the Microsoft School Transformation Program. College leaders, teachers and support staff have been participating in a series of online learning to build their capacity to transform the College to support students using the technology they already have at their fingertips. As part of the training, we are uncovering answers to questions like:

  • Are our school leaders and teachers equipped to deliver high-quality educational opportunities for each and every child in a rapidly-changing world?
  • Are we best leveraging technology to make our school a more equitable and inclusive community?
  • Are we getting the most out of our existing Microsoft 365 technologies?

Completing this transformation training will help ensure that the College is in the best possible position to ensure we have students engaged in deep, measurable learning; that our classrooms inspire learning; that our teachers are skilled and equipped to run the education of students unlimited by time or place; that learning is personalised and enjoyable for all students.

Year 12 Students – Entry Information and Applications

All Year 12 students are aware that UAC is open for university applications and they will have received their UAC PIN. This must be kept in a safe place as the College does not receive a copy of this. Early bird applications close Wednesday 30 September 2020 – see for more information.

Also, some students may be interested in applying for an Educational Access Scheme, a Schools Recommendation Scheme or an Equity Scholarship. These are also open, visit for more information on scholarships and schemes. Students can see Mrs Demmocks or myself for more information regarding these schemes.

Ms Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal

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Primary Update

It was great to see all the love going into the Father’s Day craft last week. We hope all the dads enjoyed their gift and …


Primary Update

It was great to see all the love going into the Father’s Day craft last week. We hope all the dads enjoyed their gift and were spoilt on the day.

With all the recent dress-up days we would like to thank the parents for supporting the students to dress up and have loads of fun on the day. The live streaming of the Book Week parade worked well for the first time and we are now using this technology to stream our Monday assemblies. The link for parents can be found on Caleb so hopefully, you can tune in or watch later. We are very proud of our year 6 students who organise and run the assembly each week.  They take turns in writing the script and organising the content. In addition to the assembly, they are doing a great job with the BTAC news bulletin which can be viewed after the assembly. They are also helping Mr Thornton run our Wednesday Chapel service and it is great to see the BTAC Chapel Dancers lead the school in some cool moves.

We soon say goodbye to our Year 12 students who have had to deal with unforeseen adversity in their final year. Many of the fun activities associated with Year 12 have been cancelled so we want to make sure their last week with us is extra special with a variety of different activities planned. On Tuesday the 22 of September we have allocated another Out Of Uniform Day with Year 12 wanting all students to come dressed as a teacher for the day. At the same time, teachers will come dressed as students. A gold coin donation is required with all proceeds going towards the Year 12 charity. It should be loads of fun.

Please enjoy reading all that has been happening across the years.

Kindy – We have been working collaboratively across the year to finish off our Christmas decorations which we plan to sell to raise money for the Samaritans Christmas appeal. As you know, this is our Deep Learning project and it’s been amazing to see the students developing the idea and working hard on the intricate part of making the decorations. It involves some special fine motor skills but most importantly the students are enjoying themselves as they work.

Year 1 – We have been learning about mass in Maths! They have loved using scales to measure different objects, hefting and comparing the weights of various classroom items. The students have been working very hard to construct their own narratives, with some fantastic stories to be shared in the coming weeks. Science lessons included a thorough playdough investigation and also saw the kids creating their very own slime from household products. During Geography, Year 1 investigated the old Newcastle Railway Sheds and learnt a little bit more about our historic city of Newcastle.

Year 1 Father’s Day Gifts – below


Year 2 – We have been very busy in the last two weeks. In reading, students have been focusing on the reading comprehension strategy of summarising. They have understood that summarising makes it easier to retell the story by outlining the most important parts in chronological order. They are still working on using their own words to summarise short texts. In writing, students have begun using their understanding of the ‘story mountain’ to develop their own adventures in their own magic dictionary narrative. There have been some crazy and wonderful adventures happening with lots of adjectives being used. In the last two weeks in Mathematics, students have been focusing on fractions. They have been doing lots of folding of spaces and dividing paper food into halves, quarters and eighths. In Science students interviewed one of the Year 2 parents via Zoom and found out all about how she uses water in her occupation and how we can use water responsibly at home, school and in the community. Finally, in Deep Learning, students have reached the end of the ‘creating’ stage with many pillowcases, blankets, teddies and finger puppets being made for those people in the local community who are homeless. There was a lot of collaboration skills being used during the process, with some high-quality work being produced.

Year 3 – What a great time we are having in Year 3!

We have almost finished our journey to Bungawitta and enjoyed sharing the Earth Sculpting festival while meeting all the inhabitants of the Australian country town. It has been a great novel study and later this week the students will be creating a recount linked to the book as a finishing point. Our Deep Learning Project is coming to an end, but it certainly won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Year 3 has been on a journey of discovery using some fantastic driving questions to lead our inquiry to where we are now. We started by asking ourselves about how and why pollution was such a problem around the world which took us to Sweden & Mexico and then back to complete an in-house study of how much waste we create in year 3 over a week. This has led us towards the next question…How can we reduce the footprint we create at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College regarding certain types of rubbish created? I look forward to seeing where we will be going this week, as we go even deeper into our Inquiry.

Year 4 –  COVID-19 may have stopped Year Four having their Invention Convention this year but it hasn’t slowed our creativity and design skills. This week students explored the Wright Brothers and learned that in 1903 a 12-second flight changed the entire world. Students became experts as they explored early flight and the principles of aviation. Students then took the humble paper plane to the extreme in designing and creating the largest planes they could. Building their collaboration and communication skills, with a touch of creativity, they created their winning designs and upsized them as much as possible.


Year 5 – Over the past fortnight, students thoroughly enjoyed getting dressed up to celebrate Book Week. In literacy, we delved into the text ‘Mirror’ by Jeanie Baker to analyse the visual literacy techniques used to make comparisons between two different cultures. Students continue to grow their understanding of sustainability and homelessness through our Deep Learning projects. Students have begun to design and create solutions for their identified problems and issues. Within Mathematics, students experimented using protractors to draw and measure a variety of obtuse, acute and reflex angles. Within Physical education, Year 5 have continued to learn about the rules of Rugby and practise their defencing skills.

Year 6 –  Over the past week Year 6 have been busy investigating and collaborating within a range of topics. During Mathematics, the topic of Statistics and Probability has had the students working successfully in the area of making predictions.

‘Making Predictions’ of another kind has also been the focus within our comprehension skills program this week. The students’ passion for their Deep Learning Projects has been extremely evident this week, inspiring some very persuasive letter writing to our local Members of Parliament. By contacting our local MPs, students are hoping to raise even more awareness on the issues pertaining to their Deep Learning Projects through the assistance of our MPs.

Within Geography, Year 6 has been collaborating in small groups to find interesting ways of sharing a range of different facets of Asia. Students have been using our Green Screen to film engaging and hilarious short films which will culminate into a short film festival about Asia in Week 10.

Within Science, students have been constructing series and parallel circuits in order to create lighting for a model house, thinking deeply about countries around the world who don’t have access to electricity.

Mrs Walters running the Gifted Readers Group where we offered enrichment and exposure to different genres.

Mr Mark Durie

Head of Junior School

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Recently at Preschool, the children were involved in games week with a variety of fun activities each day designed to promote skill development in a …



Recently at Preschool, the children were involved in games week with a variety of fun activities each day designed to promote skill development in a fun way. Some of the activities the children were involved in included:

  • Creating their own marble run using a variety of loose parts and working together to design the run.
  • Practising their eye-hand coordination with the balloon/bat activity where the children were encouraged to swing their foam bat to hit the balloon swaying in the breeze.
  • Elastics which helped the children learn about jumping and co-ordination as they needed to think of how to jump to cross the elastic.
  • Basketball – using eye-hand coordination to toss the ball into the basketball hoop.
  • Balance and coordination using our large muscles to complete a ninja park set up as a challenge.
  • Building a wall of foam bricks and using a ball to knock it down.
  • Hoops hanging as targets where the children aimed to throw the beanbag through the hoop using eye-hand coordination.


By participating in these fun outdoor gross motor activities

  • It gives children the opportunity to learn new things.
  • It can help in their physical development.
  • It can boost their creativity.
  • It can help them acquire social skills.
  • It can help them develop a positive attitude.
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Touch Football and Basketball Summer Competitions At the beginning of next term, both Touch Football and Basketball Summer competitions get underway locally in the community. …



Touch Football and Basketball Summer Competitions

At the beginning of next term, both Touch Football and Basketball Summer competitions get underway locally in the community. Each year the College assists students to form teams and enter these competitions. Participation can provide a great sense of enjoyment and opportunities to socialise, as well as healthy physical activity and an opportunity to build skills and fitness. We would like to confirm the registration of teams by the end of the term. If you think your child might be interested in joining one of these teams, please take the time to read through the details and register your child’s interest by following the links below.

Basketball –

Summer Touch –

Mr J Cruickshank
Head of PDHPE and Sport (Sec)


News and Notices

Today it was National Walk to School Day, it was lovely seeing so many students and families walk to school this morning. It is a …


News and Notices

Today it was National Walk to School Day, it was lovely seeing so many students and families walk to school this morning. It is a Community Event seeking to promote Road Safety, Health, Public Transport and the Environment.

Also thank you to our many parents who drive their children to school, thank you for being respectful of our neighbours and ensuring you park appropriately and driveways are clear at all times.