Bishop Tyrrell teachers motivate their students to be curious and self-confident learners and to engage with new learning each day. Our teachers want to make a difference in your child’s learning through the many and varied activities they present as they lead the way through classroom and co-curricular activities.  Naturally, the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy is important through the primary years. In the middle years of schooling, the focus on literacy and numeracy remains, not only in those subjects but also across each subject discipline. These skills are fundamental to success now and later in life.

Complimenting this focus, Bishop Tyrrell teachers use the world-renowned New Pedagogies for Deep Learning in each subject area to prepare our children and young people for a rapidly changing world. This teaching method ensures that children will master skills and competencies colloquially known as the 6C’s – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking, in addition to developing Character and Citizenship skills. Not every skill area is covered every lesson, but teachers are weaving this new way of thinking into their daily work.

We want every student to have every opportunity to flourish at Bishop Tyrrell and beyond, confident that they have the skills and competencies to learn throughout their lives. In the twenty-first Century and beyond proficiency in the 6C’s will be essential.

Our 2021 special initiative project conducted in teams on 10 Friday afternoons during the coming term, will take on new themes. In Years 9 to 12, the theme is Business Builders, teaching students about ideation, design thinking, marketing, launch strategies and pitching. In Years 5 to 8, the theme is Cities of the Future, motivating students to consider autonomous vehicles, smart housing, renewable energy, sustainable design and the future of work.  Kindergarten to Year 4 students will focus on their own project areas.

We are looking forward to viewing exhibitions of student work at the end of Term 3.

During the Easter holiday break, we took the opportunity to refurbish our secondary STEM Classroom and our College Café. We are very excited that these new learning spaces are almost ready for use and look forward to showcasing them to you in our next Bulletin.

Finally, our Da Vinci Decathalon teams will be competing in the State competition next week. The competition will be held online this year with students competing against the state from the College classrooms. We wish them well in this competition.

Suzanne Bain

Preschool featured image


We had a very special visit from Jonty’s dad on ANZAC Day. Jonty’s dad is a soldier and has completed several tours overseas to places …



We had a very special visit from Jonty’s dad on ANZAC Day. Jonty’s dad is a soldier and has completed several tours overseas to places such as Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor. We invited him in due to our increased interest in ANZAC day and the special job that soldiers do to keep us and our country safe.

Joel dressed in camouflage gear and was happy to spend time answering the children’s questions, sharing simple stories and listening to their comments. Joel explained to the children that ANZAC day was a special day to stop and give thanks to all the soldiers who went to Gallipolli a long time ago. Joel explained that soldiers from Australia and New Zealand went over to be part of a war to ensure that everyone was being kind and respectful to one another.

Joel showed the children his medals and explained that he was given them in recognition of the way he helped different people in different countries.

The children had many wonderful questions and comments for Joel.

  • Harrison ‘I like soldiers. They help people.’
  • Phoebe ‘Why do you wear those clothes?’
    • Joel ‘This is a special uniform and it allows me to hide from people when I need to. It is called camouflage.’
  • Miller  ‘What do you wear on your hands?’
    • Joel ‘I wear gloves. They are the same colour too.’
  • Eddie ‘What do you wear on your hands?’
    • Joel ‘Special gloves.’
  • Austin ‘Do you have a gun?’
    • Joel ‘Soldiers can carry guns. But they do not like to use them.’
  • Hunter ‘How do you get to those places?’
    • Joel ‘We are helicoptered in and sometimes the helicopters land and we hop out. Other times we use a rope to slide down.’
  • Harrison ‘Why do you have so many pockets?’
    • Joel ‘To put my lollies and snacks!’
  • Amelia ‘Do you eat those biscuits?’
    • Joel ‘Yes I love ANZAC biscuits. Who eats ANZAC biscuits at their house ?’
    • Everyone shouted ‘YES!’
  • Austin ‘Why do you have that flag on your uniform?’
    • Joel ‘It is the Australian flag and it glows in the dark. It lets the helicopters know they are picking up the right people.’

Today we also made a poppy garden. The children used their creativity to create the poppies and their thinking skills to engage in discussion and ask questions to find out more about the significance of poppies.

Eddie asked, “why were they (soldiers) fighting?”

We discussed it was to protect our country and the rights we have in Australia.

Sophia asked, “why do we have flowers?”

Piper said, “to remember the soldiers”.

We discussed how the poppies are a symbol of respect.

“The poppies make the soldiers happy,” said Phoebe K

“They are about hope. It makes the soldiers happy to see them come out of the ground” said Austin

The children then took turns to place them in our garden.

In the afternoon we joined the College community for an ANZAC day commemoration service.

The Preschool children were very respectful as they listened to the speakers and engaged in the one-minute silence.

We listened to the New Zealand and Australian national anthems and watched the wreaths get laid under the flags. We even made poppies for Ms Lloyd and Ms Bain to wear.

Experiences of relationships and participation in communities contribute to children’s belonging, being and becoming (Early Years Learning Framework).

Michelle Neylan
Preschool Director

Primary featured image


Primary Welcome back to Term 2 after a restful break with family and friends. We have so much planned for the term so there will …



Welcome back to Term 2 after a restful break with family and friends. We have so much planned for the term so there will be many things to share with you over the coming months.

We are looking forward to our first family event since last year with the Mother’s Day Breakfast to be held in the hall. It starts at 7:30 am so we can’t wait to see you all on-site and enjoy some yummy food and refreshments while listening to some awesome musical performances.

In week 5 our athletics carnival will take place and again it will be great to have parents in attendance to enjoy the experience. Mr Eddy has organised some sprint training for the students and for those who are attending the training session they seem to enjoy it despite the early start.

It is exciting parents are now allowed to access the College campus, but all visitors must report to the office. We are still restricting drop off and pick up entry so we can ensure there are no unauthorised visitors entering the grounds. Students will continue to say goodbye to parents at the gate and enter and leave by themselves. It has been fantastic to see the younger ones develop independence with this process. Over the coming months, individual year groups will ask for parent volunteers to help out in many areas such as reading and sporting groups. Keep an eye on your inbox for further details as the year progresses.

Believe it or not, we have already started our Kindy 2022 interviews. Looking at the history of the Preschool, we have the largest preschool group to date, transitioning to Kindy so we needed to start the process early. We are predicting spots for external enrolments will be limited so if you know of someone who is considering enrolling for Kindy 2022, encourage them to visit the College website now and complete an enrolment application form so they don’t miss out.

Now let’s hear what has been happening in each year group.

Wow! What a fantastic start to kindergarten. Everyone has done a great job settling into their routine and we have learnt so much! So far, we have learnt about ‘Gabby Get-A-long’ during our care and wellbeing program. All students are showing characteristics of a Gabby Get-A-Long when playing in the playground. We have also met our buddies and formed really nice friendships. Our buddies have been a huge part of helping us settle into school life. We have learnt 9 sounds during our InitiaLit spelling program which we can already use to make words.

Year 1
The ONE-derful students have kicked off Term 2 with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn! They have produced some fabulous recounts of their Easter holidays – trips to the zoo, holidays to Queensland, camping, cinema visits and lots of fun family time. This week, length has been a concept that we have been learning about in Maths lessons. The challenge was set with Year 1 classes trying to make the longest Mintie wrapper – there were some crackers! History has been very interesting this past fortnight, with a focus on celebrations and commemorations. The unit has provided a platform for students to learn a lot more about Anzac Day and the history behind why it means so much to so many. Boys and girls even had an opportunity to write a postcard to our serving troops, praising them and thanking them for all that they do for our amazing country.

Year 2
Year 2 has had a great start to Term 2!

The students have been reviewing and extending their understanding of shape and number patterns where they have used their knowledge of skip counting to solve increasing and decreasing number sequences. Year 2 has particularly enjoyed the hands-on components of this topic, where they have created patterns using a variety of materials.

Our writing unit this term has been focused on recounts. The students have begun to explore various text, recalling events that occurred throughout them. We are working hard on our writing skills and in particular our writing structure.

In science, we have been exploring water through hands-on experiments. This has been lots of fun and a little messy at times! Throughout the rest of the term, we will continue to investigate where water comes from, how it is collected, transported and accessed at school, at home and in the community. We will also investigate how to use water responsibly.

During sport, we have been practising our athletics skills to prepare for our first-ever Primary Athletics carnival. We are all very excited about this event and looking forward to showing off our many talents!

Year 3

So far this year our Year 3 students have visited the wonderful world of James and the Giant Peach. Exploring all it has to offer as James and his companions sail to New York…on a giant peach, whilst having some amazing adventures on the way. During sport, we have been challenging ourselves and enjoying weekly cricket sessions with the Sydney Sixers cricket coaches. We even saw the trophy the team won as BBL 21 Champions. In History we inquired into various celebrations and festivals around the world, embracing everything they had to offer. It was a truly magical journey full of bright colours and even a festival where ‘tomatoes’ are thrown for fun!

Year 4
Year 4 have started to Rock in Term Two as we explore a unit on Geology. Students have delved deeply into the Earth’s crust discovering the layers of soil and rocks that we walk around on each day and what lies beneath. Students separated igneous rocks from sedimentary rocks as they explored chocolate chip cookies and even got to sit on the crumbs they made to create their own metamorphic rocks, using heat and pressure. Students will be blown away when we start looking at weathering next week.

Year 5
Year 5 have started the term with excitement, enthusiasm and determination. The students thoroughly enjoyed starting their first Drama lessons with Mr Youman and learnt how to show emotions through acting without sound. Year 5 are looking forward to continuing these Drama lessons with Mr Youman for the next 3 weeks. For Science and Technology, they started their Digital Technologies topic and had some great class discussions on how technology is used in many occupations and plays a major role in our lives today. In Film Studies, Year 5 learnt all about genre and learnt how to identify the genre of a movie through different film elements used. In Health, the students started their Responding Safely topic and learnt about different types of risk factors that can lead to lifestyles diseases. Year 5 were reunited this week with their Kindergarten buddies and loved teaching their buddies about a variety of different games they could play in the playground.

Year 6
What a start to the Term! Year 6 have settled in wonderfully after the holidays, delving into new units of work and welcoming new friends into classrooms. Within English, we have commenced our new novel study based on the ‘Little Brother’ novel. We are also concentrating on the study of autobiographies and biographies within our writing lessons. Students have swung into their Math Pathways programs, challenging themselves with new and interesting topics, and working in small groups and in teams while tackling weekly rich tasks.

Within History, students have begun learning about migration and its impact on the development of Australia as a nation. We plotted where we were born on a world map, and then did the same for our parents and grandparents. In Science, we have started learning about states of matter, looking closely at liquids, solids and gases. Students conducted an investigation into chocolate melting, discussing the elements of a fair test and the range of variables that needed to be considered. We are very much looking forward to this term’s events, including many academic competitions and our Term 2 sporting competitions, as well as continuing to lead assemblies and star in the Bishop Tyrrell weekly broadcast.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School

Secondary Academics

Study Skills Tip – Time Management Habits are incredibly powerful tools when used effectively. By deliberately using habits to help rather than hinder you, you …


Secondary Academics

Study Skills Tip – Time Management

Habits are incredibly powerful tools when used effectively. By deliberately using habits to help rather than hinder you, you can tap into this power.

Having a pattern or regular routine for your schoolwork is one of the best ways you can beat the ‘I don’t feel like doing anything’ blues.

Some of the good habits you want to develop are as follows.

  • Writing your homework into your diary every day.
  • Checking your diary when you get home each afternoon.
  • Deciding in what order you will do your homework that day.
  • Having set periods of time to work in each day.
  • Completing a minimum of twenty minutes to half an hour per subject every day of work at home.
  • Looking ahead in your diary to see what work may soon be due.

If you still feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do, stop for a moment and write a list of absolutely all the work that needs to be done.

Take the thoughts out of your head and put them onto paper because thoughts simply swirling around in your head cause unproductive worry.

Once you have it all down on paper then you can start to plan how to deal with the work. Use these headings:

  • URGENT: Needs to be done as soon as possible.
  • COMING UP: Assessments or assignments that you should start preparing for.
  • POSTPONE: Things that you simply don’t have enough time for now and can be left for the holidays or for when you have more time.

Then, next step:

  • Take the urgent tasks and write in your diary when you will do them.
  • Now take the tasks coming up and allocate those as well.
  • Each week update your list and make a new plan for the week in your diary.

All families with students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 have received information about the NAPLAN tests that are taking place in week 4 this term. Students may be considered for exemption according to the guidelines in the letter. All other students are expected to sit these tests. Disability adjustments that reflect the normal level of support in the classroom can be provided. Access to disability provisions must be discussed with the learning support team and a parent or carer must sign the consent form. Students may be withdrawn from NAPLAN by their parent or carer. If you wish to withdraw your child from the tests you must sign a parent/carer consent form. These are available from the School.

Additional information can be found at

Please note, the College is continuing to sit paper tests in 2021.

Learning After School Centre
It is great to see students making use of this facility – please encourage your children to attend these sessions.

BTAC Library
When: Monday – Thursday 3.15 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.

To assist students in completing homework, assessment tasks, get organised with general study routines, the Secondary School is starting a Learning After School Centre in the Library. Secondary staff are rostered on with Faculty based themes as follows (but secondary students are welcome to attend and complete any set work they have):

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Staff Member Week A – Science teacher TBC

Week B – Mr Brett Owers

Week A – Ms Elizabeth Feeney

Week B – Mrs Terri-Anne Smith

Week A – Ms Tara O’Sullivan

Week B – Miss Rachel Halpin

Mr Cliff Nixon
Focus Faculty Science Humanities Maths English

Ms Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary

Secondary Pastoral featured image

Secondary Pastoral

Narragunnawali supports all schools and early learning services in Australia to develop environments that foster a high level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and …


Secondary Pastoral

Narragunnawali supports all schools and early learning services in Australia to develop environments that foster a high level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions. Narragunnawali (pronounced narra-gunna-wally) is a word from the language of the Ngunnawal people, Traditional Owners of the land on which Reconciliation Australia’s Canberra office is located, meaning alive, wellbeing, coming together and peace. We pay our respects and thank the United Ngunnawal Elders Council for giving us permission to use the word narragunnawali.

The College is beginning a journey to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) using the Narragunnawali resources and support.

Thank you to the parents, staff and students who have volunteered to be a part of the College’s Working Group which will ensure the responsibility of implementing reconciliation initiatives does not sit with one person. This collective contribution will ensure the building of relationships, respect and opportunities in the classroom, around the school and with the community will happen. The Working Group will be finalised in the next week or so and the initial meeting organised soon thereafter.

From the Head of 10-12 Mr Mitchell Cummings (in consultation with the Head of 7-9 – Mr Brian Bull)
Welcome back to all students to Term 2 – and what a term it is! Only 9 weeks long but including events like the College Athletics Carnival in Week 5, the College Cultural Festival in Week 9 and the Year 12 Trivia Night at the end of Week 7! We trust that all students and families had a lovely Easter break and have come back refreshed and ready for the challenges of Term 2.

Firstly, a big congratulations from myself and Mr Bull to Edward Kelly in Year 7 being the first award winner of the Term 1 Merit draw! Over the course of the term student names go into the draw for this and Edward earned for himself a $50 voucher to JB HIFI. Whilst he was unable to double his prizes by correctly identifying the national flag of Benin, that just means the end of Term 2 prize draw prize will have doubled for the next potential winner.

It was excellent to stop and pause as a College community last Friday to commemorate Anzac Day. Gathering the entire school together has not happened since prior to COVID in 2020 and so it was doubly special to be together and to be able to reflect on the sacrifices of men and women in years gone by that means we live in a country that is peaceful and abundant.

Lastly please add Saturday 5 June to your calendars as this will be the night of the annual Year 12 Trivia Fundraiser. Year 12 have chosen to support the excellent ‘Sea Shepherd Australia’ organisation and so all funds raised on the night will be distributed to this worthy cause. There will be more information coming soon regarding tickets but in the meantime feel free to start organising your tables of 10 and thinking about how best to win the ‘Best Dressed Table’ prize under the nautical theme.

Ms Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School

Sports Corner featured image

Sports Corner

Term 2 has started with a bang, beginning with our Athletics Training Program that commenced on the first Friday of the term. With over 40 …


Sports Corner

Term 2 has started with a bang, beginning with our Athletics Training Program that commenced on the first Friday of the term. With over 40 students participating in the program, it has been wonderful to see their commitment toward developing their skills and understanding of track and field events under the watchful eye of our coaches. We have enlisted the expert skills of Tim Eschebach, a renowned sprint coach in the Newcastle area. Students were put through their paces throughout the session and left with tired bodies and a smile on their faces.

Taking it back a step, we had some students achieving wonderful success in their chosen sports during the holidays. Kosta T attended the NSW Water Polo Championship at Homebush, Sydney. He and his team made it to the grand final and after extra time and two rounds of penalty shootouts, came out the victors! Well done Kosta!

Rose H attended the National Futsal Championships as a member of the Northern NSW Team. Rose played games over a four day period with her team also making the final. Along the way, they had to beat a team in the semi-finals who were yet to lose a game. Unfortunately, in the final, they met some stiff opposition and finished the championships as runners-up. At the conclusion of the carnival, Rose was named in the Australian All-Stars team to attend the World Championship event in New Caledonia in 2022. What an amazing achievement Rose, well done!

During Week 1, we had Ella S attend the AICES Netball Championship as a member of the HRIS Under 15 Netball Team. “We won all games bar the first (which we lost by two) and ended up coming equal first. We had a final trial at the end of the day and I was selected as a part of the AICES netball team to play at CIS in August”. Wow, terrific work Ella. We wish you all the success at the CIS Championships and selection.

This week we have swimmers attending the Secondary CIS Swimming Championships at Homebush, our HISSA Rugby 7’s teams playing at Hunter Valley Grammar, and the first week of Secondary Sport which has students participating in Archery, Cheer, Rock Climbing, Fitness, Bushwalking, Basketball, Netball and Badminton.

If your child is achieving great things in their chosen sport, please send me some information via email as we love to celebrate the success of students within our community.

We look forward to sharing further achievements and sporting information in the coming weeks.

Rob Eddy
College Sport Coordinator

Creative Arts featured image

Creative Arts

College Music Production 2021 NEWS The College is excited to announce that we are planning a 2021 show run of Mary Poppins Jnr. in Term …


Creative Arts

College Music Production 2021 NEWS
The College is excited to announce that we are planning a 2021 show run of Mary Poppins Jnr. in Term 4, Week 1.
The Musical features the jack-of-all trades, Bert, who introduces the audience to England in 1910 and the troubled Banks family. Young Jane and Michael have sent many a nanny packing before Mary Poppins arrives on their doorstep. Using a combination of magic and common sense, she must teach the family members how to value each other again. Mary Poppins takes the children on many magical and memorable adventures, but Jane and Michael aren’t the only ones upon whom she has a profound effect. Even grown-ups can learn a lesson or two from the nanny who advises, “Anything can happen if you let it.” Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins JR. is an enchanting mixture of irresistible story, unforgettable songs and breathtaking dance numbers.

Students who have indicated a desire to audition for a lead or ensemble role will be required to submit a video audition. Information regarding audition requirements will soon be communicated via the College 2021 Musical Production Caleb Page.

College Music Program News
A reminder – Opportunities for Gifted and High Potential Music Students
The College has established two new programs targeting our high number of Gifted and High Potential Music students, every Wednesday from 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm.

These classes take the form of a Theory/Musicianship class catering for all levels, and a Performance Workshop Masterclass series available to students who have attained a minimum of Grade 3 A.M.E.B/Trinity, or equivalent, providing them with the opportunity to perform for an exciting roster of musicians to receive individual and detailed feedback on their performance practice.

To express your interest and register your child please complete the form via the QR code here.

Instrumental Teacher Profile
NEW STAFF – Introducing Beth Porter
Beth Porter has spent many years working as a music educator, particularly as an upper strings specialist and director of string programs. She is a graduate of the University of Newcastle Conservatorium of Music (BMus), majoring in Violin Performance and studying with Elizabeth Hollowell.

Beth is most passionate about string education and specifically about working with younger students in their developing stages. She has regularly worked alongside exceptional teachers and performers, including postgraduate study with Kato Havas (Oxford, UK), Professor Gerald Doan (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music), Wendy Ireland (Australia), all of whom have been both inspiring and influential to her own practice.

Since 1998, she has held positions at a number of schools and institutions across Newcastle and Sydney including Newcastle Conservatorium and Newcastle Grammar School. Most recently for 13 years until mid-2020, Beth held the full-time position as Head of Strings at Moriah College in Sydney. Beth has extensive experience in individual Violin and Viola teaching and small group tuition, inclusive of preparing students for AMEB examinations and directing String ensembles. She has a deep commitment to the welfare of young people and encourages all students, irrespective of ability, to focus not on one particular method but on working to find the best process for each individual student.

In returning to her home town of Newcastle, Beth is delighted to be joining the team at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, to work with and support the string students in their musical growth and development.

To enquire about violin or viola lessons for your child with Beth here at the College please email:

NEW STAFF – Introducing Tina Marsden
Tina Marsden brings more than 25 years of teaching experience to every lesson. She has tutored students from elementary to tertiary standard, many of whom have successfully passed Year 12 Music and AMEB examinations. Students have found placement in University music courses and she has tutored students through their University music degrees in Queensland and New South Wales. She has also maintained private studios in Brisbane, Munich and Sydney.

Tina completed music studies in Munich and thereafter taught at a music school in Southern Germany for a period of five years before returning to Brisbane and quickly establishing herself as a sought-after teacher in the South-East Queensland corner. She held a sessional position instructing, examining and auditioning flautists at the Queensland Conservatorium before moving to Sydney to teach. Tina currently teaches in schools and runs a successful private flute studio on Sydney’s North Shore. She is delighted to have the opportunity to teach students here at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College.

Tina enjoys the challenge of finding innovative ways to encourage students to do their best. Spurred on by COVID online teaching, she is especially interested in the way in which music technology offers students new learning avenues. We heartily welcome Tina to our College and look forward to her seeing her experience and skill in action.

To enquire about flute lessons for your child with Tina here at the College please email:

NEW STAFF – Introducing Zach Horne
Zach is a highly experienced and passionate teacher with over a decade’s experience teaching all ability levels and all age groups. He has a wealth of knowledge and skills to impart which he delivers in a relaxed, friendly, and encouraging way.

Zach learnt his craft playing throughout Sydney since moving there at 18. At 19 Zach began studying with renowned musicians such as Warwick Alder, Mark Johns, Sean Coffin and Jeremy Sawkins at the Australian Institute of Music. While in Sydney Zach played in a variety of ensembles from jazz duos like Horne/Niven all the way up to Big Bands and Salsa Bands. Zach is currently performing with his own ensembles ZENNtet and the Zach Horne Trio throughout the Hunter. Although principally a Jazz musician, Zach has a depth of knowledge in a variety of styles including Pop, Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock, and Latin.

In 2017 Zach completed a Bachelor of Music, and in 2019 attained a Master of Education (Secondary). During 2018-2020 he taught at Port Macquarie High Schools before returning to Newcastle to pursue postgraduate music study at UoN – investigating the place of Australian Folk Songs in contemporary music styles. Zach currently performs throughout the Hunter region, teaches privately and is involved with NIMA (Newcastle Improvised Music Association) and the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music Jazz Orchestra.

To enquire about guitar lessons for your child with Zach here at the College please email:

Instrumental Lessons
Here at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, we embrace proven research that shows a clear correlation between the engagement in learning and playing a musical instrument, and brain development in young people – even from as early as infanthood.

The skills students develop when involved in music education, and the learning of an instrument, include communication, insight into others, cooperation and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, and the ability to make connections across complex ideas. As you know, such skills are imperatives to enhance lifelong learning and are integral in preparing your child for the real world – regardless of their future career endeavours.

I would like to take this opportunity to again share this clip with parents and caregivers.

Instrumental lessons are now available on campus before, during and after College hours. The College proudly boasts some of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley’s most talented and experienced instrumental staff. To enquire about lesson availability, fees etc, please go to CALEB – Co-Curricular – Instrumental Music Lesson. Here you can follow the links to contact Instrumental staff directly. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Ross

Visual Arts News
The Year 10 Visual Arts class are exploring conceptual practices to develop a body of artworks that respond to current local or global political issues. Lyla C and Georgia C flex their political muscles using the photo-emulsion silkscreen printing method!
Mr Gareth Ross
Head of Creative Arts and Performance ­­­­­­­

Library News featured image

Library News

UoN Parent Webinar On Tuesday 8 June, the University of Newcastle is hosting an online Parent Webinar, covering topics such as how to apply to …


Library News

UoN Parent Webinar
On Tuesday 8 June, the University of Newcastle is hosting an online Parent Webinar, covering topics such as how to apply to university and the different entry schemes available to your child. This is particularly useful for Parents of Students in Years 11 and 12.

You can register for this webinar here.

Term 1 Reading Challenge Champions
Congratulations to our Term 1 Reading Challenge Champions:
Amelia W (5HD), Evelyn R (5RE), Lucinda R (3SH), Indigo D (2KD), Aaron K (2SC) and Indiana (2SC).

This term we’ve been hearing some excellent Book Talks by our students who read some great books in the holidays! Every student who shares a Book Talk during Library earns a point for their class towards the Term 1 Holiday Reading Challenge, as well as sharing some great reading suggestions for their friends.

Adrianna Demmocks
Librarian and Careers Advisor

News and Notices featured image

News and Notices

Open Day If you know someone interested in enrolling their child at the College, we would love to welcome them to our Open Day. The …


News and Notices

Open Day
If you know someone interested in enrolling their child at the College, we would love to welcome them to our Open Day.

The College will be hosting an Open Day on Tuesday 25 May. Throughout Open Day, the school will showcase dynamic lessons, co-curricular activities and the experiences on offer to all students. The day will be a chance for all families to experience the vitality, engagement and spirit that is embedded at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College.

Register here!

Mother’s Day
We are delighted to invite you and your family to attend a Mother’s Day breakfast on Friday 7 May.

Breakfast will commence at 7:30 am in the Francis Batty Hall. All families are welcome and encouraged to attend. We will have a photographer on-site to capture family photos which will be made available to download after the event.

We will also be holding a gift stall for students in Kindergarten – Year 6 on Friday 7 May during class time. Gifts range from $1 – $8 and students are able to purchase a limit of two gifts from the stall.

Preschool students have the opportunity to pre-order from the Mother’s Day Stall. To order, please complete and return the order form attached (including payment) to Preschool. Students are able to purchase a limit of two gifts from the stall. Gifts are currently on display at the Preschool.

The Mother’s Day stall is a special occasion for our students who love hand-selecting a special gift for the mothers and mother figures in their life. We would appreciate your help in operating the stall.  If you are available for any duration of time between 8 am – 11 am on Friday 7 May please contact Sarah Badcock at

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to this event.

Please note the canteen will be open for online orders only next week.

Nappy Collective

The Nappy Collective

Bishop Tyrell Anglican College has committed to fundraising for The Nappy Collective. Twice a year The Nappy Collective collects nappies from around Australia to distribute to families in need.

Nappy stress is the experience of families not having enough nappies to change their children as often as they need to. A family experiencing nappy stress is likely to cut back on other essentials like food to access nappies.

Around 1 in 10 Australian mums will struggle to afford the nappies they need for their babies.

The Nappy Collective believes that every child should have access to an adequate supply of clean nappies.

If you would like to help, please drop ‘unused’ nappies at the College Office by the end of May.

Thank you again for all who choose to assist, it is greatly appreciated.

NEW webinar: eSafety’s guide to parental controls
Register for the free webinar, eSafety’s guide to parental controls, for parents and carers from the eSafety Commissioner.

The webinar will look at how parents and carers can set up devices and apps to help kids and young people stay safe online.

It will cover:

  • the benefits and limitations of parental controls
  • how to set up iOS and Android devices for safety
  • how to set up popular games and apps like YouTube and Roblox for safety
  • using family tech agreements and other parenting strategies to manage online risks
  • how eSafety can help when things go wrong.

This webinar will include practical tips, demonstrations and advice.

Click here to register.