There’s quite a buzz in the school this week as teachers prepare for the introduction of new Term 3 teaching and learning programs designed to prepare students for their future in their workplace and community.

Maths Pathways is a highly successful teaching and learning program originating from Monash University and now being implemented in the middle school years throughout Australia. Maths Pathways personalises the way in which individual students learn Mathematics through its online program, starting students at their current skill level and challenges students to keep moving forward, developing new concepts at each level. No more waiting for others to catch up in class or being worried because you can’t!

Our teachers have been preparing to introduce Maths Pathways online and extension programs for Year 7 for the remainder of 2020, with the view to operating in Years 7 and 8 the following year. It’s exciting! Keep up to date with this initiative by exploring the breadth and depth of this highly regarded program at

The whole school initiative for Term 3 is the extension of the global Deep Learning Framework: Engage the World Change the World by providing students time to participate in challenging project work, culminating an exhibition of students work at the end of the term. The Deep Learning Framework focuses on teaching the six global competencies – character, citizenship, communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking using project-based learning to problem solve global issues. Bishop Tyrrell teachers are the leaders in our region, implementing Deep Learning strategies and initiatives drawn from a wealth of source material throughout the world. Students are assessed on their work using the six competencies above. Deep Learning has attracted the attention of educators worldwide for its learning partnerships, new teaching practices, and leveraged digital skills which pull an otherwise scattered curriculum together. You can learn about how this amazing Framework came into being at

It’s certainly been a different kind of Term 2. Thank you to our amazing team of teachers and our tech savvy students who during the term have shown that they are ahead of the game in online learning. Parents, thank you for your significant support and willingness to work with your children to keep their learning focused and on point during this time of need. Please note that we are now following the Department of Education guidelines on what can and can’t be done at school as we learn to live with COVID-19.  Regular hand washing, surface cleaning and social distancing remain the focus for all members of our school community.

I hope that you will all have a well-deserved rest over the school holidays and follow the COVID Safe routines to protect yourself and your families from illness.

Suzanne Bain

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At Preschool we have been having fun with disco days and athletics week the past two weeks. We saw lots of great dancers and dance …



At Preschool we have been having fun with disco days and athletics week the past two weeks.

We saw lots of great dancers and dance moves as the children participated in two days of disco dancing. The rooms were decorated with streamers for the disco and we had a special disco ball to make lights around the Preschool rooms. To extend on the disco learning experience the children created their own disco microphones, disco glasses and head bands to use and wear during the disco. Musical chairs were also a popular dancing activity as the children danced around the chairs until the music stopped and then tried to find a chair.

Through dancing the children are improving their balance, co-ordination and rhythm. Musical games and activities support children’s learning, problem solving, curiosity, cognitive processes, understandings and skills.

Athletics week was an active week where the children participated in a number of fun games and races, each earning a special medal for their efforts each day. The games included egg and spoon races, sack races, hurdles as well as running races. The children all loved participating in the fun and practising their gross motor skills and fundamental skills including balance, jumping, running and hopping.

There were many questions about medals and what the different colours meant. The Gems discussed the differences in medals for positions in the races and learnt Gold was for first place, Silver for second place and Bronze for third place.

Through participation in these physical activities healthy growth and development is promoted. Being an active participant in games and races and persisting instils a feeling of achievement, confidence, and develops overall self-esteem of the children.

Preschool will close on Friday 26th June for a three week break and will resume again on Monday 20th July. We wish all of the children a lovely and safe holiday with their families and look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday 20th July for another fun Term of Love, Laughter and Learning.

April Cooke
Director of Preschool

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This week in Kindergarten the students have been making connections across Key Learning Areas. They are observing and remarking on how our Science and Health …



This week in Kindergarten the students have been making connections across Key Learning Areas. They are observing and remarking on how our Science and Health lessons are overlapping in terms of healthy foods and where they come from. We enjoyed a virtual supermarket tour and visited the farm through some clever ‘George the Farmer’ videos. It is also lovely to see the children identifying healthy food in their lunch box and commenting on whether it comes from a plant or animal!

Our Year 1 Rock Stars have been working on their musical talents of late. They enjoyed making guitars and learning about how we can alter our pitch and volume. The celebrations continued in History as we learnt about more festivals around the world, and the meanings behind them. During Maths lessons, it has been interesting to see some budding entrepreneurs rear their heads as we learnt all about money. I am sure that some parents can attest to the fact that their child knows a great deal about this topic already!

We certainly have been busy in Year 2. Over the past couple of weeks we have completed a Mathematics unit on ‘Position’ and have begun to look at ‘Patterns’. Students have continued to demonstrate their growing ICT skills by uploading a range of patterns to Seesaw, and used the applications tools to label their patterns. We have enjoyed learning about prepositions and are now looking at persuasive texts, and trying to include lots of high modality words in our writing.

In Week 8, Year 3 explored the topic of Time in Mathematics and differentiating between analogue and digital time. The concept of time and History has linked together as we have looked at communities and change that has occurred over time. We studied historical places in Newcastle such as Nobby’s Beach, the Newcastle Ocean Baths, Hunter Street and the Newcastle Post Office. It was fascinating looking at ghost towns in Australia and the few homes or pubs that are still standing. The boys loved the olden day cars that were spotted in many of the images. Their illustrations were fantastic.

In STEM, the students are creating their own game with the guidance and expertise of Mr Youman, who also organises our Christian Studies lesson, and this week we learnt about David and Goliath. The students had the opportunity to create a launcher on the Minecraft Education app. They were all absorbed in the activity. Thank you, Mr Youman.This week, we will be finishing off outstanding topics and concepts in our curriculum and looking forward to watching the movie ‘Storm Boy’.

In the ‘You Can Do It’ program held during tutor time, students are learning about putting their values of kindness, respect and consideration into action both in the classroom and playground. This coming week, we will look at friendships and how to be a good friend to others. Students are reminded that as we approach the end of term, they are expected to finish strong and tidy up their tote trays and lockers before starting the July break.

Rock & Roll! This week concluded some of Year 4′s key explorations into Geology, that we have been undertaking in Science throughout this term. Students showed their knowledge of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks as well as applying this knowledge to a study on weathering and erosion, through examining what the future might hold for the remaining Twelve Apostle Rock Formations. Diagrams, dioramas, posters and games have allowed children to develop a ‘rock solid’ understanding of geology and enjoy exploring further into the Earth’s crust, local soil and rock formations.

Year 5 have enjoyed learning about Binary numbers in Science and Technology and how they are used in digital systems. In Mathematics, students have been experimenting with volume and capacity. Many were very excited to receive their pen licences this week after showing dedication and persistence in Handwriting. They also created a ‘Weather Warrior’ poem in Writing, where they used similes and metaphors to make their writing more descriptive. Year 5 students had fun participating in their modified Athletics events during Sport this week, and look forward to the events happening in Week 9.

This week Year 6 have been investigating the driving question, ‘How can we welcome refugee and migrant children to Newcastle?’ This coincides with our History topic, ‘Migration’ as well as National Refugee Week 2020. Students have been busy designing: welcome kits with toys, essential stationery supplies for school, basic language lessons, translated letters that give information about Newcastle, as well as much more. In order to help welcome children who come to Australia as refugees, the children have shown and developed empathy, citizenship and character. In Mathematics, we have learnt about the Cartesian plane. We put our skills to the test with a 6LMc vs 6KH giant Cartesian Plane Challenge, kindly organised by Mrs Smith. In Science this week, Year 6 students explored combining materials to create reversible and irreversible changes, thoroughly enjoying learning about Elephant Toothpaste.

Angela Hollingsworth
Head of K-2

Leah McNab
Head of 3-6

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Secondary – Studies

Bishop Tyrrell is a Deep Learning School. Our goal at Bishop Tyrrell is to foster Deep Learning so that students can learn to contribute to …


Secondary – Studies

Bishop Tyrrell is a Deep Learning School. Our goal at Bishop Tyrrell is to foster Deep Learning so that students can learn to contribute to the common good, address global challenges and flourish in turbulent and complex times.



Through projects that utilise different learning partnerships, pedagogical practices, learning environments, and digital technology, students develop six global competencies (creativity, communication, citizenship, critical thinking, character, and collaboration).

Essentially, Deep Learning is a learning experience that helps students to be good at academics and good at life, so they can be the positive problem solvers and global citizens of the future.

In a world that is forever changing, it is more important than ever to give our children chances to feel powerful and in charge of aspects of their life. One way we can do this is through service learning projects. Service Learning Projects are unique as they have a secondary goal to do good in the world.

Another important aspect of projects is that they require children to use what they know about reading, writing, mathematics and other content areas (e.g. history, physical activity, music and science) towards an end they have chosen. Often, we focus on reading and writing as the end goal, but in projects, these subjects serve a greater vision, much like they do in our day to day lives as adults.

Many of the adults in our lives have taken on projects in recent time. We know people who are learning everything they can about economics, learning to knit or craft, making cookbooks or writing and playing music. Think for a moment if you have taken on a project, if so, what is the mathematics hidden in it? What about the reading and writing work?

In Semester 2, the College will be instigating plans for all students in K-11 to develop their own Global Citizenship Service Learning Project. This information shares with you the support your child will be getting in determining a service project. 

The goal for this project is that it be completed by students collaboratively and independently! Their teachers and their families may serve as consultants on the project (suggesting resources, giving feedback etc) but the students are the project leaders. 

Here are the steps students will progress through: 

  1. Investigating a project
  2. Choosing a project
  3. Planning a project
  4. Acting and Reflecting on a project
  5. Presenting a project

All student projects will be featured in a Virtual Open House starting on Friday September 25th.

Hopefully, we will be able to showcase exceptional projects at a Celebration Evening in Term 4.

We look forward to coming together as a College community to celebrate our students’ character, compassion, creativity, and global citizenship!

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal

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Secondary – Pastoral

As the end of Semester 1 draws to a close it’s an opportunity to reflect on the many things achieved so far this year. Covid-19 …


Secondary – Pastoral

As the end of Semester 1 draws to a close it’s an opportunity to reflect on the many things achieved so far this year.

Covid-19 could be described as having one of the biggest impacts on learning over the last 50 years. Everyone had to make considerable change and our students were forced into a mixture of online and in school learning. Our staff worked extremely hard to ease the pressure on our students and it was very pleasing to see them rise to the occasion during such adversity. Our cohort took the change in their stride and were able to meet the challenges forced upon them.

They have definitely earned their upcoming break.

The adversity experienced this semester can have hidden or delayed impacts so it’s important for parents to closely monitor our young adults during the break. Take the time to ask them to reflect on all that has happened so far this year. Ask them what worked well for them, have they changed as a person, has their learning style changed and most importantly where are they at with their mental health?

If students are needing support with their mental health over the break there are some great resources for youth mental health Headspace.  At the same time our school psychologist will be waiting to assist when students return.

During these times we seek guidance from our lord and reflect on his word. Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

It’s also important to remember the words of our Bishop, “We’re the Anglican Church, we’re here for you.”

Have a great break everyone and we look forward to seeing the students refreshed and ready for the start of Semester 2.

Mark Durie
Dean of Students

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Creative and Performing Arts

Visual Arts News One of the key characteristics of creativity in the deep learning model is identified as pursuing and expressing novel ideas and solutions. …


Creative and Performing Arts

Visual Arts News

One of the key characteristics of creativity in the deep learning model is identified as pursuing and expressing novel ideas and solutions. In Year 7 Visual Arts, students have engaged in a deep study of the topic of Viewpoints. The topic is unpacked through Western and Indigenous ideals and through technical aspects of drawing, like perspective within concepts of country, landscapes and the built environment.

Students have, upon their return from online learning mode, applied their understanding of these concepts to imagining building structures and models using simple materials such as cardboard. The language of working in three dimensions is a challenge and students have had to draw on existing skills, make mistakes, rework ideas, learn new skills in joining and cutting cardboard to resolve a unique structure. They have also had to consider positive and negative space and surfaces, angles and planes. For many this has been a deeply engaging and rewarding activity. The making of artefacts such as artworks is a significant process which exercises the brain in a uniquely reflective process. The photos below are of students enjoying and engaging in this process.

Instrumental Teacher Profile

Jeremy Borthwick is considered one of the finest Jazz trombonists and band leaders in the country. He is also a highly respected Music educator with regular appearances at many clinics, camps and workshops each year, as well as teaching a large number of private students.

Jeremy has performed and toured with many great international Jazz artists including Cleo Laine, Jim McNeely, Bert Joris, Florian Ross, John Hollenbeck, Charles Tolliver, Jon Cleary, Barney McCall, Spoon, Philip Johnson, Alan Youngblood and Chris Potter.

He works regularly with many leading Australian musicians including Dan Barnett, James and John Morrison, Mike Knock, Phil Slater, James Muller, The Catholics, Steve Hunter, Johnathon Zwartz, Dave Theak, Andrew Dickeson, Evan Lohning, Anthony Howe, James Ryan, George Washing Machine, Jon Stevens, Monica Trapaga and the Unity Hall Jazz Band to name a few.

Projects he has worked on include his quartet “Exposed Bone”, the “Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra”, the “Bogalusa Strutters”, “The Rehab Brass Band”, “The Vanguard Players”, ”The Unity Hall Jazz Band”, “Dan Barnett Big Band”, “Mucho Mambo” and several “working bands” and original concepts.

Jeremy has performed at most major festivals within Australia, and a number abroad throughout Europe and beyond, including the Montreux and Ascona Jazz Festivals. He has released two albums featuring his original music, Jeremy Borthwick Volume 1 ‘Smokin’ da Bone’, and Volume 2 ‘Plugged’ which was voted in the top ten albums for 2007 by Sydney Morning Herald. Jeremy has appeared on over twenty recordings as a sideman.

Currently, Mr Borthwick is the College trumpet teacher, and conducts a number of College ensembles.

At Bishop Tyrrell we offer Instrumental lessons with some of the most qualified and experienced Instrumental teachers in the Hunter region. Lessons are currently available both on the College Campus before, during and after College hours, and online throughout the week – according to the availability of the individual tutors. Please click on the Instrumental Music Lessons tab on the College Caleb Co-Curricular page and you will be directed to the available instrumental teaching staff and gain access to their College contact details.

Gareth Ross
Head of Creative Arts and Performance

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Primary Sport It has been amazing to see the students bring their enthusiasm and House spirit to the ‘Modified Athletics Carnival’ that took place on …



Primary Sport

It has been amazing to see the students bring their enthusiasm and House spirit to the ‘Modified Athletics Carnival’ that took place on Thursday and will continue again this Thursday during Sport time. Despite not completing a full Athletics Carnival, students have been given the opportunity to throw shot-puts, discuses, turbo javelins, compete in some running races and high jump on site at the College. Our students are very fortunate that we have the space and resources at the College to run a modified athletics carnival.

After completing the carnival on Thursday, students will find out the winning House on Friday.

In Term 3, with so much sport and physical activity co-curricular cancelled due to COVID-19, we will be running a ‘Friday Fitness’ club at school on Friday mornings at 7:30am for students in Years 3-6. The aim of this club is to keep our students active with a focus on running and body weight exercises. Parents will be receiving an additional email about this club before the end of term, but if your child is interested please show your expression of interest by emailing Mr Ezekiel –

Adam Ezekiel
Head of Primary Sport

Secondary Sport

The winter solstice passed by on Sunday 21st June and I for one couldn’t be happier about it. With longer days and warmer weather, COVID restrictions easing and sporting opportunities opening up, Term 3 is sure to be an improvement sport-wise.

That’s not to say it will be without its challenges. Our school-based representative pathways have all but been wiped out by COVID cancellations and the normally rich experiences students receive through College and higher representation are quite diminished. HRIS confirmed on Wednesday that the following Term 3 events are permanently cancelled:

  • U15s Basketball Gala Day
  • HRIS, AICES & CIS Athletics Carnivals (NSW All Schools may still go ahead)

On the up-side, numerous Term 4 events are still likely to be on, and the College will begin to prepare students and teams during Term 3 to compete in these. They include:

  • U15s Tennis Gala Day
  • Open Girls Softball
  • HRIS U15s and Opens Touch Football Gala Day

Sport this term will encompass a range of sporting opportunities and, with a move to Level C restrictions for sport, a world of opportunities open up to run sport more meaningfully. Students will have an opportunity to make sport selections in Week 1 next term and normal sport should resume in Week 2. An information note with more details will go out shortly; however, in brief, students will be able to choose from the following options:

  • College Sport – with a focus on Touch Football, Soccer and Netball
  • HISSA Basketball – 7/8 and 9/10 boys and girls will compete against other HRIS schools in scheduled weekly Basketball games starting in mid-Term 3 and finishing in mid-Term 4.
  • Lake Walk – students will ride a bus to the Lake and do various walks around Speers Point and Warners Bay
  • Cricket – Mr Ezekiel, a highly accomplished cricketer, will prepare our 7-9 students for the Wiburd Cup and T20 cricket competitions starting in Term 3)
  • Rugby – Griffins Rugby Club are partnering with Bishop Tyrrell to develop our Rugby players and pathways.

The PDHPE and Sport Department are very much looking forward to expanding our opportunities for sport and physical activity in Term 3. We hope you have a safe and restful holiday break and keep active!

Joel Cruickshank
Head of PDHPE and Sport

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News and Notices

A Message from our Troops At the beginning of  this term, we commemorated ANZAC day (while in lockdown). As part of this, Year 6 students …


News and Notices

A Message from our Troops

At the beginning of  this term, we commemorated ANZAC day (while in lockdown). As part of this, Year 6 students choose from a range of activities from the War Memorial website in Canberra. One of the activities was to ‘Write to the Troops’ ( Dewinya S (one of our Primary Captains) chose this option and wrote a beautiful letter of support to our current serving troops. This week, she received a response from one of the troops. We are all delighted for her!

Dear current Troops of  Australia,

My name is Dewinya and I am 12 years old. I am writing this letter to you, as my small count of appreciation as many of us citizens couldn’t thank you within these hard times. Thank you so much for keeping many people safe and in happiness including overseas. Your everlasting determination, loyalty and love to Australia has brought Australia to how it is today.

We could never thank you enough, you have inspired countless citizens including me to respect, love and be committed to loving your land, people, animals and plants.

I am so grateful for having such determined and caring people in this world who show genuine love towards people.

I pray you are safe and happy through this difficult time in the world.

Lest we forget!

Yours sincerely,
Dewinya S – Grade 6 (Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College)

Hello Dewinya,

Thank you so much for your ANZAC email. My name is Joel and I am currently serving overseas in Kuwait supporting the operations in the fight against ISIS. Your email made me smile, it is nice to know that you are thinking about us. It makes being away from home and all the challenges of a deployment worth it.  I hope you are staying safe back at home and enjoying winter. It is summer here and today was 45 degrees. I will share your email with the other Australian soldiers and airmen, I know they will appreciate it.


Karen Hall
Year 6 Teacher

Year 9 IST students success in the National GROK HTML/CSS Competition

Recently students in Year 9 IST (Information Software and Technology) participated in a national competition to develop skills in web design. This included beginner, intermediate and advanced streams of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Javascript. Congratulations to Kusuma T and Joshua B who both achieved High Distinctions for their efforts in the Beginner stream of the Challenge. Special mention and a huge congratulations to Mufaro M who earned for himself a High Distinction in the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced strands – an amazing achievement! Hand coded web development is a life long skill and its exciting to see Bishop Tyrrell students engaging in this wonderful opportunity.

Mitch Cummings
Head of Technology and Applied Studies