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Investiture Service – Year 12 2022 Leaders

Christmas Giving Tree for Samaritans by Campus Ministry Team

Social Media Kindness Day

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Our New Chaplain Getting To Know Everyone

Book Week Bookmark Competition

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All Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College students have the opportunity to learn to be leaders through both classroom and co-curricular activities. On Friday,  29th October we held an Investiture Service to officially appoint Year 12 leaders for 2022. Our newly appointed Prefects pledged to uphold the school’s values and traditions and to …



All Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College students have the opportunity to learn to be leaders through both classroom and co-curricular activities. On Friday,  29th October we held an Investiture Service to officially appoint Year 12 leaders for 2022.

Our newly appointed Prefects pledged to uphold the school’s values and traditions and to be exemplary role models. Those appointed were encouraged to be servant leaders in the community.

The privilege of wearing the College Badge comes with the expectation that our Prefects will use servant leadership as the basis of their duties. It’s an awesome responsibility. Yet, it’s a responsibility expected of us at Bishop Tyrrell. The best way to take on this awesome responsibility is to think of yourself as a servant, helping and supporting students and teachers in your role. Whenever you come across a situation you think does not sound right you might stop to think, “how would Jesus do this?” What would Jesus say in this situation? You’ve heard many stories about the deeds used by Jesus as he challenges people to be their best selves.

Bishop Tyrrell’s new Chaplain the Reverend Jacqueline Weston thanked the new leaders for courageously accepting the vocation of leadership, and noted the ways in which the new leaders were already supporting one another with encouraging smiles at the Investiture Service. You will hear more from Rev Jacqui and her new Campus Ministry Team over the coming weeks once they have put up our Christmas tree in the Chapel to start what Bishop Tyrrell does best – give…with the annual Giving Tree for Samaritans.

You can have a read about the Investiture Service blessings and a detailed list of names for the positions of College captains, House Captains, and Prefect positions in our latest news item about the ceremony.

Finally, while we are on the topic of leadership, I’m pleased to let you know that Mr. Paul Humble, the newly appointed Principal of Bishop Tyrrell starting Term 1 2022 visited the school this week to meet with heads of school, and will be back soon to meet more of you.



Ms. Suzanne Bain


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This week it was lovely to have all of our Preschool friends back again after their time at home. The joy of seeing the children’s …



This week it was lovely to have all of our Preschool friends back again after their time at home. The joy of seeing the children’s faces as they came to Preschool and saw their friends was very special. We thought it would be a nice idea to talk about what each of the children had been doing at home in the lockdown:

Charlie – I made lizards with Dad with sticks and pipe cleaners

Esther – I lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came and I got two dollars

Eliza – My Sister got new swings

Luca – We went to the farm with my uncle and he has a digger

Noah – I saw Enzo at Coles when I was shopping

Aanya – I went to the shops to get new shoes and Aira got some

Zaylee – I made cupcakes with Mummy and they had chocolate icing

Joshua – The chickens have grown really big that I took from Preschool

Charlie and Esther were then invited to make a connection between home and Preschool by bringing in craftwork they created at home to share with the children. Esther and Charlie were very excited the next day to arrive with their craft lizards and dragonflies and displayed their leadership skills at the craft table sharing their knowledge, collaborating, and working together with their peers to create their own individual insects. Joshua also shared some photos from home of the chickens that were really big. We were all amazed at how much the baby chicks had grown and learnt that although they had grown they haven’t started to lay eggs yet, further learning about living things and gaining respect for our environment.

It was also National Birdwatch week and so each day we used a bird-watching app to record the number of different birds we saw in the trees near Preschool. The children identified that the Cockatoos had made a nest in the hole in the tree where the Galahs used to nest last term. They were concerned about where the Galahs may have gone to and thought it would be a good idea to make some homes again for the birds to come into Preschool and live in again. We also created our own human nest at group time using our bodies to join together to create the human nest.

We have scaffolded onto our prior learning by exploring types of birds and sounds they make, identifying their eggs and matched them with their type, and investigating their feathers and colours. Collaborative art has allowed the group to express their ideas of nature and birds using stimulus from a story called ‘Welcome to Country’, where we discussed our acknowledgment and why we are grateful to the First Nation’s owners of the land, our Preschool is built on. Before identifying Australian animals and birds and painting our interpretations of the chosen provocation from the story.

We were very excited to hear back from the local vet who answered our questions in regards to caring for the birds. We have taken her advice and bought a birdbath for the Preschool and working on creating our very own bird feeder boxes that the children are making with wood.

Our first week of news has been exciting as many friends have shared important items from their home life with the group. It takes great courage to stand up in front of your peers, and the Educators are very proud of the Children for being so brave. It has been a positive and meaningful experience as it assists the Children to further develop their confidence, social skills, and effective communication skills.

The children and families have been doing a wonderful job collecting and bringing in lids. Lids for Kids is a great initiative, we collect the lids and take them to a local drop off point where they are then transported to be recycled to make prosthetic limbs for disabled children using 3D printing.


Michelle Neylan
Preschool Director

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As we move through the term we are at the stage where we start to explore and build the foundations of support for our students …



As we move through the term we are at the stage where we start to explore and build the foundations of support for our students as they transition into their next year of schooling. The key to a successful transition is resilience and confidence as the student is exposed to new teachers’ new content and sometimes new friends. We have seen firsthand this year the high level of resilience our students have shown during the home learning period. Our teachers did a wonderful supporting the students as they guided them, giving them the opportunity to build their own confidence and resilience as they faced new learning challenges. We also can’t forget about the wonderful support of our parent community who worked with us to get us to where we are today. It’s this same collaboration that we will rely on to help us guide our decision-making, and supports the students as they transition into their next year. Teachers are starting to look at grouping the students for next year. They consider the learning and personal strengths of each student and group them with others who will complement each other and hopefully respond well to the teaching strengths of our staff. It’s a long process but by taking the time to consider the different options we usually get it right.

For our Kindergarten 2022, our Kindy teachers will be visiting the preschool over the coming weeks to complete observations on students transitioning to our Kindy. We are still hopeful we can run an onsite transition visit as we continue to monitor the advice from government health officials.

We are in a similar position with our Year 6 transitioning to Year 7 and are hoping we can run some sessions later in the year. To complement any further potential visits, next week there will be an online Q&A session for parents and students.

Mrs. Buckley from KLB has finished up for the year and starts her maternity leave. We wish her all the best and we can’t wait to meet her new addition. Mrs. Gemma Smith will continue in the class and will cover for Mrs. Buckley for the rest of the year.

Teachers have begun the academic reporting process for Semester two. Due to the disruption home learning caused, the report will be in a different format this semester but more information about this will be shared in the next bulletin.


Ahoy there!!! Kindergarten has been getting pirate-y in English and Geography this term. They have been reading and following procedures. The children are becoming experts at identifying verbs and working on their listening skills as they made some amazing telescopes, pirate hats, and treasure maps.

Blimey! Check out the photos of the scallywags😊

Year 1

The ONE-derfuls have had another fabulous fortnight of learning. The boys and girls produced some creative and colourful Chalk Art pieces for the Year 1 Chalk Art competition. They were thrilled to receive a prize for their efforts, with Millie S. and Ashran taking out the major prizes! We have loved developing our persuasive skills of late, learning how to use high modality words to convince others. Sorry parents, who’d have thought that your child arguing to get out of chores or to have dessert would have been a legitimate homework task?! According to our 7-year-old sources, many have put forward some great arguments and come up with the goods. The students have been eager to learn about different seasons and clothing around the world, and are developing a great understanding of more complicated 3D objects and their properties. During Health lessons, we have been learning all about what to do in an emergency. The kids know what to do at school in case of an emergency, do you have an emergency plan at home?

Year 2

have loved being back at school, playing with their friends on the playground, and getting back into a routine in the classroom. In English, we have begun to read our novel ‘George’s Marvelous Medicine, which has provided much entertainment. We are currently finishing off our last InitiaLit lessons, which will see the students finish the Kindergarten to Year 2 program. In Mathematics, students have been focusing on the number strand, assessing three-digit numbers and ordering them in ascending and descending order. They have also learnt to round to the nearest 10 and 100. The return to Science, saw the students move straight into hands-on experiments, making predictions about what would happen as substances were mixed and then finding out how they reacted with one another. In Geography we have moved on to look at the World Heritage Site Uluru, with students conducting research on the site and completing some art and craft activities. In Health, Year 2 has continued to look at healthy eating choices, assessing their lunch box to see how healthy they are eating during the school day. It has been great to see so many smiling faces back at school and we can’t wait for the next couple of weeks of learning before students move into Stage 2.

Year 3

This fortnight has seen Year 3 wrap up their Geography unit by creating marvelous displays of their research on Australia’s neighbours. It was great to see students get creative, using lift tabs and various 3D images to add interest to their poster designs. We have now moved on to our Science unit, Heat, Light, and Electricity. Students enjoyed the fresh smell and salty taste of popcorn as they began to look at the way heat can affect various items, such as the popcorn kernel. We also explored the ‘Earth oven’ and looked at how it has been used to cook food, as well as similarities and differences to the ovens we use today.

It was wonderful to be able to venture into our community for sport again, with the beginning of our swimming program. Students enjoyed having a splash in the water while learning some valuable life skills. The timing could not have been better as we have also been discussing water safety in Health!

Year 4

Masked, socially distanced and in new playgrounds, the College feels a bit different now that we are back but what a relief it is to be in the classroom. It has been fabulous getting our students back into their chairs, working at their desks, and meeting without a screen between us. Students have revelled in the social aspects of schooling but also in picking up novels again and completing tasks with their peers and teachers nearby to help. It has been such a delight to have all of our students back, ready to learn and enjoy their time together.

Year 5

Over the past fortnight, students have thoroughly enjoyed being back at school. Year 5 is busy working on their Farming Convention Stall, where they are working collaboratively to research and compare insect farming to other types of farming. In Literacy, we delved into procedural texts, where students wrote and edited a procedure about how to make balloon rockets. Year 5 then used their procedures to construct their own rocket. In Geography, they are creating a fire management brochure, identifying how to protect homes and local areas from bushfires. Students dived right into a sport, with swimming lessons at West Wallsend Pool. Students loved getting into the pool and it was a perfect way to cool down on these warmer days.

Year 6

Over the past week, Year 6 has continued to study Anthony Brown’s texts and the visual literacy techniques used within them. Students have begun to create their own picture books using digital platforms to begin publishing their stories, showcasing their technology skills in a creative manner. Within Mathematics, Year 6 continues to increase their maths skills and knowledge through the use of the Math Pathways platform. Students have also been revising Stage 3 content before moving off to Secondary school next year.

In Geography we have continued to learn about the global connections that Australia has with the world. We have investigated trade, tourism, migration, and aid. Students have begun working in groups in order to find ways that can help our global connections that have been affected by the pandemic. Some ideas include tourism campaigns for regional Australia, fundraising for UNICEF to provide vaccines for our neighbouring countries, and creating Covid Safe kits for countries in need. In Health, students have been learning about the benefits of community sport and the advantages of physical activity. In Science, Mr. Gardiner spent time with each Year 6 class, engaging students with interactive demonstrations explaining how computer networks talk to each other. Within PE lessons, students have been getting their groove on, learning a dance they will hopefully be showcasing at the end of Year 6 celebration.


Mark Durie
Head of Junior School

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Secondary Academic

HSC examinations beginning As our Year 12 students finally are ready to start their HSC examination, we wish them all the best! As they are …


Secondary Academic

HSC examinations beginning

As our Year 12 students finally are ready to start their HSC examination, we wish them all the best!

As they are getting ready to finish this year, I would like you to make sure to remember a few things.

Remember to always be proud. Be proud you reached those goals you set. Be proud of your achievements. Be proud of how you‘ve evolved… and especially be proud of the great person you are today.

No doubt you will again face great challenges in your life ahead; this is a given, but never give up. People might say you can’t do something; never give up. No matter how hard difficult, challenging, and painful some things may become, never give up.

Show people your grit. Show them your fight. Show them your strength. Show them your character… Most importantly, show all these things to yourself.

Work hard as you finish this year. Work hard every year.

Make it, whatever you want ‘it’ to be, happen.

Study Skills Tip – Starting your day for success

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. We can’t control every event or circumstance we experience and respond to each day. However, the happiest most successful people on the planet Design their Day!

Why The Morning Is So Important

Your mornings are the most important part of the day.

Say YES to your day. Create positive routines and habits in your mornings.

The way you start your day has a massive impact on how you experience the rest of the day.

When you wake up tired and exhausted, when your mornings are rushed and chaotic, when you say NO to your day, your day goes from “bad to worse”!

Start your day with the direction and experience you desire. Focus on that direction and don’t engage in things that take you away from that.

5 Tips To Get You Out Of Bed And Awake In The Mornings

  1. Set your intention when your head hits the pillow to get the quality of sleep you need.
  2. Move the alarm to the other side of the room so you need to get out of bed to stop it.
  3. Brush your teeth.
  4. Drink water and hydrate.
  5. Dress or shower.

5 Tips To Start Your Day On A Positive Note

  1. Silence: Start every morning with a period of purposeful silence. If this is new to you start with 3 to 5 minutes of sitting in silence. Close your eyes, relax your body, and focus on your breath. It’s one of the best ways to reduce stress.
  2. Affirmations: create new positive stories or affirmations about what you want and more importantly who you are!
  3. Visualise: what you want to experience in your day, what you need to do, and the person you need to be.
  4. Exercise: helps you lift your mood, boosts not just your physical but also your mental state.
  5. Read: something inspiring, that develops you personally.

Add to this list! Music is also a great way to start your day well. What else can you add?

Score Your Mornings

1 = Your mornings are not great – 10 = Your mornings are really positive. Give yourself a number.

Now ask yourself, “What’s one small simple thing that could move me up one number?


Ms Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary

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Secondary Pastrol

Help teens resist the pull of social media  Next Tuesday we will be recognising “Social Media Kindness Day”. In a time where social media plays such …


Secondary Pastrol

Help teens resist the pull of social media 

Next Tuesday we will be recognising “Social Media Kindness Day”. In a time where social media plays such a huge part in people’s lives, it’s important to recognise the impact that negative statements and online “trolling”, through any online platform can have on the victims of this type of abuse. 

Social Media Kindness Day was started in an attempt to raise awareness on the 9th of November for the need to #BEKIND on social media on this and every other day. You can find out out more or pledge your support for this worthwhile event here. 

How do you convince a teenager to kick their Instagram habit? You might point out that cutting back on social media may help them sleep. Or that what they post in private might become public later. 

But as a rule, teenagers don’t enjoy adults telling them what to do or think—so this approach can backfire. Here’s an idea that new research shows can be effective: harnessing a teenager’s need for independence. 

If you show teenagers the many tricks social-media companies use to make their platforms irresistible and how this scheme drives their advertising revenue. For example, the pull-to-refresh design mimics slot machines, and the thrill of someone liking a post keeps people coming back for more. 

You can also share data showing that half of Australian teenagers report feeling addicted to their phones. Armed with this information, the teens could see controlling their own social-media use as a way to reclaim independence from these companies—and to demand less-addictive technology. 

Of course, social media has benefits. It allows for creative expression, for example, and enables social connections. Beyond cutting back, then, we want to help teenagers maximize “time well spent” on social media in a way that nourishes their values and leaves them feeling fulfilled, not addicted.. 

Do help your teenagers understand how social-media platforms hook you. Consider watching the documentary “The Social Dilemma” together on family movie night. Let kids see how changing their social-media behaviour is an act of autonomy that can contribute to a more just world.  

From the Heads of 7-9 and 10-12

It is great to see our students feeling happy to be back at the College with their teachers and peers. As we chat to the students during break times, we are observing much laughter and smiles, something we are all happy to experience again following lockdown.

This week, Secondary students will complete the Term 4 Tutor Wellness Challenge, where students have been set two easy to achieve activities to complete to help them reflect on, and develop strategies towards, positive mental health and wellbeing. These activities included giving themselves three compliments, meditating, and journaling thoughts and feelings. Well done to all students who got involved with this beneficial experience.

Next week for Wellbeing Wednesday we will be hearing from our guest speaker, Gillian Davis. Gillian has extensive experience engaging and inspiring both adults and students through communicating timeless truths within contemporary culture. She will address students and welcome their questions at the end. The speaker will start at 11.30 at the beginning of Period 4, and run into Tutor time.

The Care and Wellbeing Team are continuing to work busily behind the scenes developing the roll-out and implementation of our Pastoral Program which will commence in secondary in 2022, The Resilience Project, which develops student skills and strategies around Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness, and Emotional Literacy.

A reminder that we are now in Summer uniform. This means that all students must wear hats outside. Boys are in shorts and short-sleeved uniforms now. Also, please ensure all long hair is tied back in a tidy manner for female students if applicable, and all males have neat haircuts with short back and sides, as per the College Uniform Policy.

We wish all students well for the current assessment block. Timetables and relevant information has been communicated via email to students and parents at the beginning of the week. Please remind students to ensure they are getting adequate sleep, eating healthily, and ensuring they still partake in some physical activity which, as we all know, is crucial to positive mental health and wellbeing.

Mr Cummings and Mrs Carlson


Ms Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School

Sports Corner featured image

Sports Corner

This week saw the much-awaited return of external College Sport Choices and our Primary Swimming Program. Students in Secondary enjoyed the opportunity to participate in …


Sports Corner

This week saw the much-awaited return of external College Sport Choices and our Primary Swimming Program.

Students in Secondary enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and activities at the college and off-site. Some students took to Nobbys Beach to go walking and swimming. It was a beautiful day for the students to cool off in the water and feel the sand between their toes. Students were under the watchful eye of staff and lifeguards as they swam bodysurfed the small waves. Jumping, running, climbing and working on their ‘ninja’ skills were the students who attended Revolution. Always a popular choice, the students had a ball enjoying all of the obstacles and activities the centre has to offer. For students wanting to escape the heat and work on their balance and cardio, Ice Skating was their choice. It was wonderful to see the students helping and encouraging each other as they took to the ice. It didn’t take long to warm up as they gained confidence. Our final sporting group took to the Sanctuary for cricket, vortex golf and walking. The students enjoyed the nice breeze that cooled them down as they enjoyed the activities with their peers.

In further Secondary Sport news, we would like to send our congratulations to Alice Clarke, who has recently been selected in the Hunter Academy of Sport Hockey squad for 2021/22. Well done Alice on this terrific achievement.

In Primary, Christmas had come early for our students when they heard we were going to be participating in a 4-week swimming program in Years 2-6. With excitement and enthusiasm, students ventured to West Wallsend Swim Centre to complete the program under the watchful eye of qualified swimming coaches and staff. It is a timely opportunity for students to develop and practice their skills prior to the warmer months. The smiles on students faces, the laughter, and the positive comments heard were testament to an enjoyable experience for all. I must also thank parents and carers who responded promptly to communication in order to make this opportunity happen. Your children and I are very grateful.

Don’t worry, K-1 students didn’t miss out! We have the awesome crew at Motiv8 Sports come in to run a variety of games and activities. One of the biggest assets strengths of the program that Motiv8 runs is that their activities are team-based. Whilst skill development is one part, communication, teamwork, and social support are areas that are developed. Motiv8 sports also run holiday clinics for all ages, keep an eye out for a brochure coming in the coming weeks.

That’s a wrap of an actioned packed fortnight of Sport. We look forward to sharing more with you over the next fortnight.



Rob Eddy

College Sport Coordinator & Year 5 Teacher

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Firstly a big THANK YOU to the students, staff and families of Bishop Tyrrell for your warm welcome! Because of your kindness and encouragement, I …



Firstly a big THANK YOU to the students, staff and families of Bishop Tyrrell for your warm welcome! Because of your kindness and encouragement, I already feel at home in our college community.

Now we are all back on campus I have had the opportunity to join Primary Chapel and Secondary Chapel for the first time, as well as the Investiture Service for our Year 12 2022 leaders. It is a great privilege to be invited to lead worship and to mark significant occasions in our school life with liturgies of thanksgiving.

I have visited lots of classrooms and found our students to be generous in sharing with me about their learning and interests. They have also engaged courageously in deeper conversations. We have had grace-filled discussions in the last two weeks about everything from “What’s your favourite salad vegetable?” (courtesy of Kindergarten) to issues of human sexuality and identity (these questions were raised by almost every Secondary class) to “Have you ever thought about being the Pope?” (Well, now I have!). At the end of the day, all these questions are about building trust and wanting to feel safe. I am impressed by our students’ curious and engaged minds and their passionate hearts for justice.

I am also very thankful to our teachers and staff for their support of my ministry at BTAC. Being new to a school, it is truly astonishing to see the miraculous things that teachers achieve behind the scenes! Dr. Peter Stuart, Bishop of Newcastle, emailed our teachers on World Teachers’ Day to offer his thanks for their heartfelt dedication. “We are giving the wonderful privilege of being part of the lives of our students and their families,” wrote Bishop Peter. “We get to see these children grow in knowledge, self-awareness, skill, and wisdom. It is wonderful to see them explore the world of faith and ideas as they become who they are meant to be; who God has called them to be.

“Thank you for the part you play in teaching and mentoring them. Thank you for the passion you bring to helping them develop enquiring minds and open hearts. Every day you make a difference and we know that some of your impact will be lifelong; being remembered with deep fondness.”

Bishop Peter highlighted that the past 18 months have been a challenging time for teachers, school staff, students, and their families. “You have done so much to enable the school to continue face-to-face and online. Again, thank you.”

I want to affirm Bishop Peter’s words and express my congratulations for all you have managed to achieve at this challenging time. I am also looking forward to moving into the next stage of our learning journey – and seeing what each new day brings!!

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;

his mercies never come to an end;

they are new every morning;

great is your faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

With warmest wishes and prayers,

Reverend Jacqui

College Chaplain

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Congratulations to our creative students who have won prizes in our Book Week Bookmark competition. You can see they are very talented! Well done to: …



Congratulations to our creative students who have won prizes in our Book Week Bookmark competition. You can see they are very talented! Well done to:

Maddi F (6LMc)

Navrose K (5AJ)

Lachlan S (5RE)

Ethan S (4AR)

Coco R (4AR)

Annanya M (3WJ)

Farris Z (3WJ)

Eleanor G (2KD)

Isaac J (2AK)

Caitlin P (KLM)

Max B (KLB)


Book Fair

Next week we’ll finally be holding our Book Fair. It will be a virtual experience, with lots of great books from as little as $5 each.

You can browse the books available (and the prices) on the Library CALEB page. There is also a link from here to the payment page. I will be visiting all Primary classes next week during Library time with wish lists students can take home. Once you’ve completed your payment, write the receipt number on the back of the wish list and return it with your child to school the next day. Books will be delivered to students the following week.

Help us grow our library collections by purchasing books from the Book Fair – and maybe even get your Christmas shopping done and dusted!



Adrianna Demmocks 

Librarian and Careers Advisor • Library