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Year 11 jumping through hoops to be leaders

Dr Jodie Lowinger – The Mind Strength Method

The wonderful world of robotics in preschool

Book Month

Kindy’s 100 days

Tokyo Olympics Activities

A message from our College Psychologist

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Thank you for your valuable assistance in moving the College from at school to at-home learning. Your support means a lot at this critical time. Because our teachers are well versed in delivering online learning experiences, we are confident our students will not experience lost time. The school timetable is …



Thank you for your valuable assistance in moving the College from at school to at-home learning. Your support means a lot at this critical time. Because our teachers are well versed in delivering online learning experiences, we are confident our students will not experience lost time. The school timetable is being followed, attendance rolls are being marked every lesson, and we are expecting the best of each student.

Our learning community needs to be mindful of the impact of each of our actions and to always take safety precautions, and be supportive of one another, as we navigate our way through these increased restrictions. We have a small number of primary school children whose parents are essential workers at College. Please remember that the Stay-at-Home Orders are in place because this virus is life-threatening for every member of your family and every member of our staff. Help us to keep our College families safe by staying at home with your children as a first preference.

Just this week, Year 11 students have been participating in leadership training through a blended online incursion delivered by the charismatic coaches Fred and Madeline from   ‘Unleashing Personal Potential’ via Zoom, and a self-paced online leadership course ‘INSPIRE’. Students will also be able to use their Term 3 Deep Learning project as evidence of continued Service Learning.

The incursion offered creative and engaging ways to help Year 11 understand one another’s strengths and get to know what kind of leaders they are. Leaders often need to jump through hoops generating ideas on how to do so, planning effectively, and all the while considering the people around them. Often, we have greater strengths in some of these areas than others, and we are more effective as a group ‘to rise together’ if we know what these strengths are.

In a safe environment, we are preparing students for leadership by helping them to understand how best to work together with the aim of building respectful relationships with one another, and enabling them to explore their identity, vocation, and purpose. As a college, we are committed to providing opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership traits invaluable in life beyond school, and both the student leadership application process and next year’s roles provide excellent employment experience.

Small actions of service and kindness also have a positive influence on our learning community. You don’t need a badge to have a positive influence on our learning community. At Bishop Tyrrell, we believe all members of our community should be capable of exercising leadership in different contexts. If your actions inspire, help people to learn more, do more, and become more – you are a leader.

Together our learning community wishes year 11 all the best with their applications and look forward to announcements at the end of term.

Recently we came across a book launched this year by Clinical Psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger – “The Mind Strength Method”. Dr Jodie has released 5 short videos on YouTube helping parents to recognise anxiety, conquer worry and build resilience. This YouTube link will take you to Video 1.

Stay safe this weekend, and the school will send updates via email, CALEB, and Facebook during the week.

I would like to thank you for being patient and supportive during these times.


Suzanne Bain


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The Gems have continued with their interest in birds this week exploring the trees next to the Preschool playground and commenting on the birds that …



The Gems have continued with their interest in birds this week exploring the trees next to the Preschool playground and commenting on the birds that they see.

Piper “I just saw two of the birds”

Eddie “it’s a white cockatoo and it’s making a loud noise hurting my ears”

Eden “That one over there is a rainbow lorikeet”

Ashton – “They keep looking down into that part of the tree”

The children have observed that there are two galahs nesting in the tree and that the cockatoos are coming around to look at their nests. Through their observations, many of the children including Meha, Matilda, and Piper sketched the birds, and it was interesting to note that they had numbers on the top of their drawings. When the educator enquired with the girls as to what the numbers were, they said “It’s how many birds that we can see”. This has now sparked interest in counting the birds that we see in the trees each day and looking at how many we can find.

Eddie, Eliza, Matilda, and Meha all used the iPad and binoculars to take photographs of the birds flying about on arrival at Preschool early in the morning. We then discussed how many birds we saw early in the day and Eddie said, “they might be flying to get their breakfast”. We have purchased more binoculars for bird watching and will continue to chart the number of birds we see each day and see where the children’s inquiry leads to next.

Another interest that is beginning to occur in the room is inquiry about monster trucks. Miles, Noah, Charlie, Jayden, and Flynn have all been exploring propulsion with ramps in the construction area as well as enjoying the monster trucks. As a provocation, a large tub was set up with monster trucks, ramps, and water bottles for the children to further explore propulsion and extend their interest in monster trucks.

Charlie said – “It’s making a track” commenting on the tyre patterns in the dirt

Jayden said – Mine needs a car wash (holding his monster truck under the spray bottle”

Miles “It just went all the way over there and did a backflip”

The children then used tape measures to see how far their monster trucks were travelling when they drove along the ramp. Many of the monster trucks were getting dirty in the muddy water so the children suggested that they make a car wash. They chose a large plastic tub and had discussions about what needed to be included in their car wash such as fountain rollers.

Charlie “It needs more bubbles “

Noah – “There are too many bubbles, it needs more water”

Through this learning the children are displaying they are confident and involved learners, collaborating with each other about how they will make the car wash, how they will measure the truck’s propulsion, and how they can make their trucks move faster.

The Treasure children have been extending their interest in building and constructing with the introduction of ‘MakeDo’. ‘MakeDo’ is a tool kit designed specifically for use with cardboard. The children use the tools to cut, join and create. More specifically, the Treasure children have been using this kit to transform their 2D plans into 3D creations. Through the children’s use of the tools, they have built upon their imaginations and creativity as they have been constructing a small house. The children used the sawing tool to cut windows and doors. They used the plastic screws to ensure the construction was structurally sound and to secure the addition of a roof. A great deal of collaboration and negotiation was observed.

Ryan ‘I think the roof needs a screw here. I will help you.’

Theodore ‘Yes and then the roof will fit on the top.’

Logan ‘You might need to cut it cause it is too big!’

Austin ‘You hold it and I will cut it with this.’ (referring to the sawing tool).

Madeline ‘I can hold it for you.’

Hayden ‘Now we need to put another screw in there. See the roof will come off if we don’t.’

Ryan ‘Oh yeah. I can do it!’

We are looking forward to seeing the children continue their work on their 3D construction and observing what additions they come up with next.

The Treasure room has also been introduced to ‘Edison’ and the wonderful world of robotics. We have previously had some lessons with Mr Youman during our extra-curricula activities in the school, however, have not yet applied robotics to our small group project work. This was our opportunity! Some of the children have been working on sending our baby chickens back to their mother hen at the farm and we wanted to introduce Edison to see if the children would consider the robot as a means of transportation. This was met with curiosity and excitement. The children sat quietly and were keen to know about the robot’s capabilities and basic coding techniques. The children used a series of barcodes to program the robot to follow a torch, move to short sharp noises, and follow a line. When the children watched the robot follow a black line, it became a game-changer!

Phoebe ‘I think we can make a big map and put a big black line down.’

Heidi ‘And the chickens can sit in it and we press the button.’

Hudson ‘Yeah and the chickens can just jump in and Edison will take them to their mum.’

The wonderful world of STEM is providing the children with a world of possibilities and extending their thought processes and problem-solving skills.

The Sparkles have been investigating areas of creativity and art through colour mixing experiences with a variety of mediums. They have been introduced to water colour pigment paints and have experimented with fine brushes, mixing paint and water to create different effects and layering of paints. We look forward to extending this through a large collaborative artwork to display.

Building and construction continue to be a strong interest in the room with the use of tools incorporated to further the Children’s learning and skills. Measurement and numbers have been added to this area to extend onto the learning and creative opportunities. Using tools such as saws, hammers, nails, and screws with foam, have allowed the children hands-on learning opportunities to experiment with trial and error and cause and effect.

After the Henny Penny Chicks have gone to their forever homes the group has extended their sense of belonging through caring for the fairies that are placed in the treehouse and outdoors to the baby dolls who needed washing along with their clothing. The Children have demonstrated a kind and caring nature looking after the dolls by gently washing them using cloths in a warm bath.

Pete Persistence has been introduced this week in the ’you can do it program’. We have discussed times in our room where Children are being persistent such as completing a puzzle, participating in a small group game or challenging themselves when they are feeling like they aren’t able to succeed.


Michelle Neylan
Preschool Director

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Well, I have had to alter the content of this week’s addition after the sudden locked down announced by the government yesterday. Firstly, a big …



Well, I have had to alter the content of this week’s addition after the sudden locked down announced by the government yesterday. Firstly, a big thank you to all the parents and students who responded swiftly to the sudden change. The teachers worked efficiently yesterday to prepare home learning packs and update students on how to access online content. Compared to some other schools who actually closed today to prepare for next week, it’s a testament to our community who has responded positively during these difficult times.

As mentioned yesterday, the College will offer face-to-face learning for students who have parents that are essential workers. If parents are working from home, we understand it’s difficult to have your children at home as well, but it’s the government’s advice that this is the best way to minimise the spread of COVID in the community. The daily timetable will be altered significantly while the lockdown is in place with reduced supervision in place.

Book Month started this week, and it was very exciting to see Mr Paul Russell launch yet another one of his fantastic books. He was featured in the local Intouch Magazine and we wish him well with sales. Over the coming month, there will be all sorts of activities happening to encourage our students to increase their reading. One competition, in particular, will definitely generate some rivalry amongst the classes with a prize going to the class whose teacher reads the most books to their students in the month. Each book read will have its cover copied and displayed on the glass windows. I wonder which class it will be? As mentioned in the last Bulletin, August will finish with the traditional Book Week parade which will be streamed online for parents to watch in the comfort of their own homes.

Recently Ms Suzanne Bain and I had the privilege to meet with Dr Jennifer Buckingham who is a world-renowned literacy specialist. We are undertaking a review of our literacy program as we continuously strive to increase the literacy levels of our students. When you compare our NAPLAN results to students of a similar background via the MY SCHOOLS website you will see our students perform well above the average, but we think we can do better. Jennifer offered some insight into some of the latest literacy programs making a difference and she has offered to work with us over the next 12 months to improve our programs. A review of Maths is also on the agenda and more information is to come on our progress.

Stage 1 Netball Team

Last weekend our U/8’s BTAC Netball Team competed in a local gala day! The team is a mixture of girls from both Year 1 and Year 2. The gala day was a great opportunity for the girls to practice their skills and have a lot of fun in the process. They competed against teams in the Newcastle and Charlestown competitions, including Wests, South Kotara, and BNC. They lost games, won games, and tied games, and each received a medal for their efforts. Thanks to super coaches Bree and Sharnee for their time and ongoing commitment. Great job girls!


Kindergarten celebrated being at school for 100 days by dressing up as old people, engaging in some fun activities, and having ice cream. Everyone looked amazing! Across the last couple of weeks in Kindergarten we have been busy learning addition and subtraction skills. We have enjoyed using concrete materials to create number sentences. In Geography lessons, we have been exploring special places and how we can look after these places. We even created some amazing paintings of a place that is special to us. In writing lessons, we looked at descriptive words to discuss and write about fairy-tale characters. The teachers also enjoyed a great performance from the students of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’!

Year 1

Science and Technology in Year 1 this term are full of fun and excitement! Students began the unit by looking at a range of everyday materials and how they can be changed through bending, squashing, stretching, twisting, and heating. The kids have done and will do, a lot of experimenting and predicting as we manipulate and play with different materials. We began by investigating paper and eventually creating paper hats. Have you ever tried to fold a piece of paper in half over and over? How many times were you able to do it? How long do you think you could stretch a lolly snake before it breaks? And do you think it will stay the same length overnight? These are just some of the experiments that our students have been investigating…….

We have also been looking at ‘scrunchable’ items and learning how many of our normal household items can be recycled at Coles or Woolworths stores rather than being thrown out. Do you throw out bread bags, cereal box liners, frozen food bags, and zip lock bags? If you do, you need to check out the Red Cycle website as all of these items and more can be turned into something great rather than going to landfill.

Year 2

have had a busy couple of weeks in the classroom. In Mathematics, we have moved on to look at length. Students have been working in collaborative pairs to measure items in the classroom using informal and formal units. We have continued to work hard in writing groups, analysing the text ‘The Magic Dictionary’ by Bruce Whatley, against our understanding of the narrative structure. We will be using this as the basis of our writing tasks in the weeks to come. In Science and Technology, we were introduced to the concept of machines and explored Rube Goldberg Machines. We then explored forces in water, discovering the reasons why it can be hard to push objects into the water, and why some of them return to the surface independently. In Geography, students have begun to explore significant places in their immediate environment, exploring the features and purposes of buildings in the College environment. In STEM we explored the simple functions of the DASH robots, so we are ready to begin coding them in the coming lessons.

Year 3

Roll up, roll up to the amazing ‘Bungawitta Sand Sculpting Festival’. Our Year 3 students are beautifully immersed in the lives of the many residents that live within our Term 3 novel. We are moving towards the final chapters and there is no doubt a few surprises might just be in store for everyone!

Fractions, fractions everywhere…we are all in halves, thirds, and quarters mode at the moment. There is plenty to learn but we all know that understanding how important pizza is to understanding fractions and equivalent fractions puts a smile on everyone’s face!

This week, during our ‘Deep Learning into how mathematics is found in the workplace’, the Year 3 students made connections with 3 Dimensional Shapes, especially how they can be used and seen within many different types of buildings around the world. Students worked collaboratively in groups of six to make 3D shapes from paper, design, and then create an imaginative village.

In Geography, we have been researching various landmarks of Australia that are Natural or Man-Made. This has been followed up by students taking a closer look into the importance of maps in Geography, where and when they are used, and then locating and drawing animals on a map with grid lines.

Year 4

The Olympics might be raging in Tokyo but Year Four is taking off with their own sports program this term. Focusing on striking and throwing students have engaged in a number of different sports to develop their skills. Beginning with a term with an emphasis on indigenous sports we have now moved on to T-Ball, Soccer, and European Handball. Many students were surprised when handball didn’t have a King or an Ace but all have enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new and develop new skills.

In Mathematics, students have been developing their understanding of Mass, Volume, and Capacity by estimating, measuring, and converting units of measurement. To capture the competitive nature of the Olympics, students competed in a ‘Water Relay’ to try and transfer as much of 1 Litre of water as possible to another container using a sponge. It was great to see Year 4 students working collaboratively, demonstrating their communication skills to encourage and support each other throughout the challenge.

Year 5

On Tuesday last week, Year Five got to participate in a Virtual Water Safety presentation. Last term the students learnt all about Water Safety in Health, so the presentation was a great way to revise what they had learnt about in Health in how to be safe in and around pools, beaches, and open water. In Science and Technology, Year Five have been learning about different ways animals adapt to their environment. This week they researched the different types of structural, behavioural, and physiological adaptations that some animals have in order to survive in their biomes. On Friday last week, during our Deep Learning project, the students thoroughly enjoyed learning about ways some schools around Australia are attempting to make their schools more sustainable. In groups, the students brainstormed and created different initiatives that our school could use to make our school a more sustainable school. Some of the girls in 5AJ were so inspired by our Deep Learning lesson last week that they have decided to start picking up more rubbish around the school in order to keep our school environment clean.

Year 6


Mark Durie
Head of Junior School

Secondary Academic featured image

Secondary Academic

Deep Learning Projects 2021 – updates Bishop Tyrrell is a Deep Learning School. We are part of a global initiative that seeks to activate students …


Secondary Academic

Deep Learning Projects 2021 – updates

Bishop Tyrrell is a Deep Learning School. We are part of a global initiative that seeks to activate students learning. Over the past 2 weeks, students have been moving through their projects covering:

Years 5-8 – City of the Future

Students developed design principles aligning to sustainability within a city, the school, & at home. They also discovered ways cities can be connected. Students investigated how autonomous vehicles and transport will change our cities.

Years 9-11 – Business Builders

Students are creating a Minimum Viable Product, in preparation for their launch. Students will explore promotion methods before they begin designing appropriate marketing for their business.

Study Skills Tip

Here is a summary of nine strategies to help you achieve your personal best.

  1. Identify the top 3 strategies that would make the biggest difference to your personal best performance.
  2. Schedule a time to act on those strategies.
  Strategy Description Action
1 Values


Your values are the things that are most important to you. Place your focus and energy on those activities. Identify what’s most important to you in your life.
2 Wellbeing


Look after yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so you have the energy, attitudes, and mindset to pursue your goals. How can you be less critical of yourself and rejuvenate when needed?
3 Responsibility


It can be tempting to make excuses or blame others for not achieving your goals. Being responsible for taking action you can control in your life gives you power. Blame and excuses disempowers you. What’s an area of your life you can take more responsibility and ownership?
4 High Standards


Don’t settle! Push past your comfort zone. Set high standards in all areas of your life. Seek to grow and improve to reach them. Recall a time you pushed past your comfort zone and became better at something.
5 Energy Manage your energy. The actions we take, the food we eat and the relationships we are in increase energy or drain energy. What’s one thing you need to stop or start to lift your energy?
6 Resilience


The only true failure is the failure to not live to your values? Don’t quit! Setbacks and disappointments happen. It’s how you respond that counts – persevere! How can you use a current disappointment to fuel you and help you improve?


7 Relationships


Develop positive relationships. Surround yourself with people who support you and your goals and vision for your life. Who are the top 5 positive people in your life?
8 Team


We not me! Understanding that we all need help to improve and grow means we work in teams for win-win solutions. Recall a time you received help to improve a skill? How can you also contribute to helping others?


Focus Control the controllable! There are many things competing to take your attention away. Focus on the things you can control and minimise focus and attention on those you can’t control. What’s something that has drained you, which you can’t influence and need to let go?




Secondary Pastoral featured image

Secondary Pastoral

Chapel Week 3 – Run the Race to Win. The Olympics are great aren’t they, Athletes in their prime competing against each other and themselves …


Secondary Pastoral

Chapel Week 3 – Run the Race to Win.

The Olympics are great aren’t they, Athletes in their prime competing against each other and themselves for PB’s, Olympic records, or even a World Record and of course maybe a gold medal. In Secondary Chapel, our thought was all about the race, how and what is done to win the race.

Eric Moussambani Malonga was a swimmer from Equatorial Guinea. He was given the nickname ‘Eric the Eel’ and won the hearts of many at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. While Eric’s time was still too slow to advance to the next round, he set a new personal best and an Equatoguinean national record. For Eric, it was all about his race.

The Bible passages from Proverbs 3 and 1st Corinthians 9 recommends that we live a life of love and loyalty to God. Both our readings refer to a means to an end, what are we prepared to do to live the best life we can and hopefully be rewarded for all that effort.

Life’s race will have many obstacles and God wants us to trust him that he will help us over these obstacles. But those who stay the course, push through the painful times and run, will get the prize.

So how do we win this race of life?

Firstly and most importantly – Trust God and live a life that he wants you to live, following the example of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Secondly, commit yourself to strict training and avoid the obstacles of sin that the Bible warns us about. Sin that will cause us to go off course and prevent us from finishing the race. If we live lives of love and loyalty to God then we will train ourselves for example not to lie, cheat, gossip or be mean to others. Train ourselves to avoid these obstacles.

Thirdly, don’t waste time. Each minute that God gives us is a gift that is to be used for Him and His purposes. We are to make wise use of our time and run the race with purpose.

Fourth, don’t get disqualified. It takes self-discipline and resisting the temptations that if given in to, could result in disqualification and not receiving the prize. Trust in God.

And Lastly – Run to get the prize.

We must run to get the prize and never give up. For some, the race will be a sprint, some a steeplechase, some a marathon. In the end, winning the race is all about the reward of eternal life in Heaven.

A message from our College Psychologist.

This week our Year 9 girls had the opportunity to hear from our College Psychologist Ms Hannam, who spoke to them about navigating the sometimes difficult subject of friendships at the College. Strategies were suggested on handling those times when friends have a falling out and ways to repair them. Ms Gurr also suggested to follow the very simple, but helpful strategy of ‘THINK’

T =     Is it TRUE?

H =     Is it HELPFUL?

I =       Is it INSPIRING?

N =     Is it NECESSARY?

K =     Is it KIND?

Some very sound advice for us all.

Year 11 Leadership Days

On Wednesday and Thursday of Week 4, all of our Year 11 students spent some quality time with Ms Lloyd and Mr Cummings contemplating what it was to be a leader. This was in preparation for the appointment of our College Student Leaders for 21/22. The students enjoyed fun activities and times of self-reflection as they explored what it was to be a leader and in the end what could they each do for the College, for their fellow students and for themselves as young adults. We congratulate Year 11 on their maturity and wish them well as they decide if a leadership position is for them.

From the

Head of Years 7-9, Mr Bull

Head of Years 10-12, Mr Cummings

Ms. Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary

Sports Corner featured image

Sports Corner

How good are the Olympics! There has been a buzz around the College the past fortnight…and a few sleepy heads, as students and teachers alike …


Sports Corner

How good are the Olympics!

There has been a buzz around the College the past fortnight…and a few sleepy heads, as students and teachers alike have been glued to TV screens watching their heroes battle it out in Tokyo. It has been wonderful for a sports lover like myself to be talking about the Olympics with students all day. To hear what sports they have found fascinating and what stories have inspired them is what make it so special. I am amazed at the success of our swimmers and humbled by the incredible heart athletes have shown throughout, notably Pat Tiernan in the 10K run. We talk to our students about persistence, resilience, and commitment, seeing efforts such as Tiernan’s provides us with real-world examples to discuss and inspire. It’s amazing!

Unfortunately, this fortnight in Sport was met with the disappointing news that the HRIS Athletics Carnivals, both Primary and Secondary, have been postponed until Term 4. However, we must look at the positives and note that HRIS is doing everything it can to ensure the carnivals go ahead, albeit at a later date. More information will be sent out when received from the HRIS administration.

HRIS Gala Day’s will still go ahead in Term 3 which is great news for our students. They will be called ‘Invitationals’ as schools from the Central Coast region will not be able to attend. In Secondary, we have the upcoming Under 15 Boys and Girls Basketball, under the expert coaching of Mr Cummings and Miss Crawford. We have our Stage 4 Girls T20 Blast School Cup later in the term, which is always an exciting and enjoyable day for our students. We will be entering a boys team in the Years 7-9 Hunter T20 School Competition starting later in the term also. HISSA Basketball will begin in Week 7, with students already training hard in weekly sport. Some things to look forward to for our Secondary students.

In Primary, Students in Stage Three have been training hard ahead of the upcoming Soccer and Netball Gala Days. The teams are ready to go and are looking good under the watchful eye of their coaches Mrs McNab and Mr Vazquez. Our Stage 2 Football/Soccer team will be selected this week, to attend an HRIS invitational gala day. Later in the term, we have the Football/Soccer Gala Day for our girls, with teams to be selected in the coming weeks.

Both Primary and Secondary students continue to enjoy the weekly sport. Year 7 students are developing their skills with the lacrosse stick as they begin to learn how to pick up the ball on the run, catch, defend, throw and shoot at goals. Our future AFL stars are emerging from our Kindergarten students, eagerly learning the skills of AFL and emulating the likes of Buddy Franklin.

We look forward to sharing the results of the upcoming gala days in the next Bulletin and….Go Australia!

Rob Eddy

College Sport Coordinator & Year 5 Teacher

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Library from home While we’re working from home, you can enjoy a range of Library activities by checking out the Library CALEB page. Finish logging …



Library from home

While we’re working from home, you can enjoy a range of Library activities by checking out the Library CALEB page. Finish logging your Premier’s Reading Challenge books, create a digital bookmark for our Bookmark Competition, design and upload your Book Trailer, and lots more! Keep checking back in as we will be adding more activities throughout the week.

Book Week MONTH!

You are all used to celebrating Book Week in the month of August… but we have so many great ways to enjoy books and reading that we are celebrating Book MONTH!

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The 2021 Premier’s Reading Challenge is wrapping up. Our K-2 classes have completed the Challenge as a group and will be receiving their certificates at the end of the year. Students in Years 3-6 need to keep logging the books they have read on the PRC student site to make sure they finish the Challenge and earn their certificates too.

UPDATE: Students can now log up to 10 free choice books!

Students who complete the Challenge every year from Grade 3-9 will receive a medallion from the Premier of NSW.

Book Birthday

Mr Russell has just published a new picture book, The Incredibly Busy Mind of Bowen Bartholomew Crisp. Once we’re back face-to-face students will be treated to a special reading of the new book by Mr Russell, and once again he is offering for students to buy their very own copy at a discounted price of $20. More details to come once we’re together in person again.

Book Fair

This year we are holding a Scholastic Book Fair during Book Week. Students will browse the Fair and create wish-lists to take home Monday 23 August – Wednesday 25 August. The wish-list contains details of how to pre-pay book purchases online. Just record the receipt details on the wish-list and send it back in with your child on Thursday 26 August as proof of purchase, so that students can collect their book/s. All sales contribute to building student enthusiasm for books, and to growing our Library collections, so we appreciate your support.

Book Character Costume Parade

We are holding our Costume Parade on Friday 27 August in Periods 1 and 2. Parents are unable to join us in person, but you can still be part of the fun by tuning in to our livestream event by clicking on the Live Streams tile from your Parent Dashboard on CALEB.


Throughout Book Month, students can participate in our Bookmark creation competition (designing a bookmark based on the Book Week theme, Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds), our Book Trailer competition (making their own book trailers to promote books they love), and our Primary class challenge to read at least one book together every day throughout the month of August. Upload your entries to the Library CALEB page.


Adrianna Demmocks 

Librarian and Careers Advisor • Library