There is a bittersweet feeling in our school community as we approach the end of Term 3.  On the one hand, we are farewelling our Year 12 students from daily College life as they prepare for their HSC examinations.  This group of fine young people have set the benchmark for commitment to learning, academic achievement and strong leadership.  We look forward to hearing of their success in their career pathways and, as members of our College Alumni, we want them to keep in contact with the Bishop Tyrrell community after graduation.  Our online Valedictory Assembly will be streamed to College Council Members, parents, families and to students and teachers in classrooms on Friday morning.

On the other hand, we are very excited to welcome the Year 11 students to the leadership of the College from Term 4.  Parents, staff and students viewed the live-streamed ceremony on Wednesday.  I shared parts of the 2014 Commencement Address for Texas University by US Admiral William McRaven, a former Navy Seal, a widely acclaimed motivational address available online and YouTube. Lessons for ‘Life’ and ‘Leadership’ abound in this address. I am inspired every time I hear this motivational speech and I encourage you to Google and enjoy ( I know our College community will support our Year 11 students as they take on this important leadership role in the College.

Please join me in congratulating the following new Student leaders

College Captains:
Charlotte Eve and Sam Ostrowski

College Prefects:
Faith – Connor Warland
Events and Service – Oliver Carroll
Creative Arts – Serena Mamone
Sport – Jessica Cam
Student Representative Council (SRC) – Rohit Rajeev

House Captains:
Currey – Nakita Warner
Darcy – James Baker
Fletcher – Mason Taylor
Thomas – Madeleine Bailey

We wish you a happy and safe holiday break – remember always be COVID safe.

Sue Bain

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This week at Preschool we have been learning all about road safety and the importance of being safe when near the road and traffic. Each …



This week at Preschool we have been learning all about road safety and the importance of being safe when near the road and traffic. Each day the children were invited to bring their scooter or bike to Preschool to ride. We closed the carpark and the children were able to ride on a specially created road with mini road signs. They were also involved in discussions on the key pedestrian messages:

  • Always hold a grown-up’s hand
  • When a grown-up’s hand is not available, hold a pram, bag or clothes
  • Always cross the road with a grown-up.

We also discussed :

  • Why we stop at the edge of the driveway, road, kerb or crossing and when it is safe to cross
  • What we need to look and listen for while crossing the driveway, road or car park.

With many of the children coming to preschool in the car, it was a good idea to discuss passenger safety and that it is important to always wear a seatbelt in the car and hop into the car on the left-hand side of the road away from the traffic. When bringing your child to preschool please make sure children under 4 sit in the back seat. Children between 4 and 7 years can only sit in the front seat if all the back seats are taken up by children under 7 years.

Please refer to the NSW Road Rules for more information.

Kids and traffic NSW has some great resources for families around the key messages for keeping children safe around traffic which can be accessed on the link below.

We have had a fun-filled term at Preschool with lots of fun activities including Henny Penny Chickens, Pyjama Day, Teddy Bears Picnic, Science Week, Book Week, Games Week and Crazy Hat Day. We hope all of our families have a lovely term break and we look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday 12 October for another fun-filled term of Love, Laughter and Learning.

April Cooke
Preschool Director

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On behalf of the Primary staff, I would like to thank all the parents for the support you have offered us with a variety of …



On behalf of the Primary staff, I would like to thank all the parents for the support you have offered us with a variety of in-class and extra-curricular activities that have taken place this term. The Deep Learning projects across all year levels have been nothing short of inspirational. There were many moments that highlight the important work we are doing in creating future global leaders. Year 1 were discussing the plight of the homeless and one particular student became upset when she realised that other people may not be as fortunate as us. That student and her peers were instantly motivated and driven to work really hard to make a difference, as did every other student across primary in their project. Some projects have come to an end while others will be ongoing, but for all students, the notion of being a global citizen is now etched in the minds of our future leaders.

We wish you all a very relaxing break and we hope our students get a chance to rest and recharge their learning batteries before we return for Term 4 and close out the year. Before then take a moment to reflect on the last couple of exciting weeks with a recap from each year group.

This week Kindergarten completed their English unit on Fairy tales by creating their very own Gingerbread Man that they enjoyed. Through this activity, they explored how to write a simple procedure. For Maths, they enjoyed creating many different patterns to prepare for number patterns in future years. Our Science unit of “What’s It Made of?” wrapped up with the students designing and making a boat for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river safely. The students enjoyed creating their boats out of recycled materials and testing them to see if they could float without sinking or taking in water. We met Ricky Resilience in our Care and Wellbeing program where he talked about recognising our feelings and learning how to manage them. Finally, the Kindergarten students completed their Deep Learning Project by finishing and packaging their Christmas decorations to sell to raise money for the Samaritans to be able to buy presents for children less fortunate than themselves. Their efforts raised over $200.

Year 1
Year 1 have grown their brains in so many ways over the past couple of weeks. We have been learning about time and how to read digital and analogue clocks, creating Aboriginal artworks, editing and publishing our narratives and investigating how temperature can change materials like spaghetti and chocolate. The highlight of the week was meeting with Beth from the Samaritans. Using the company ute, she transported all of the non-perishable food and toiletries donations back to the Samaritans, where the donations filled the storeroom! She was overwhelmed with the generosity of the entire College community – thanks again to all who donated and helped us learn that a little bit of kindness can go such a long way.

Year 2
Year 2 have finished the term strongly with lots of hands-on activities to wrap up their learning. In writing, students have finished writing the adventures in their magic dictionary story and published them into small books with illustrations. They have enjoyed the journey of writing a narrative and then publishing them. In Mathematics students have been looking at volume and capacity. They used informal units such as water and sand to measure the capacity of different containers. Students also used mathematical language to describe the volume of water in different containers. In Science, they have been learning about water and how to use water responsibly. Students were given the challenge to create a water-saving device out of recycled materials, that would also alert someone that water was being wasted. In Geography, students have been learning about Australian landmarks in the different states and territories and the importance of connection to a place. Students created a PowerPoint to demonstrate their understanding of significant places in Australia, their location and importance. Finally, students finished their Deep Learning project and have put together a comfort pack for people in our community who are homeless. They have worked tirelessly to produce a comfort pack with blankets, pillowcases, teddies and finger puppets. They have all worked collaboratively in their groups and have learnt some new skills along the way.

Year 3
This fortnight, Year 3 has been busy finishing off many units of work. Students were eager to hear how our novel, Bungawitta, came to an end. They were delighted to find out that the fictitious town received much-needed rain and had a successful Mud Sculpture Festival.

In Maths, we have focused on Australian Money and began a short inquiry, investigating where money comes from and how it has changed over the years.

Year 3 has had the pleasure of participating in AFL during our sports sessions at the end of this term. We have been working hard on our passing and kicking skills and improving every week! This week we were ready to put all our hard work to the test in some fun games including kickball, a game of AFL, and rats and rabbits. After AFL this week, we even had time to enjoy some games in the Primary Courtyard where we worked on being inclusive, hand-eye coordination and other fun ball skills. We loved playing putt-putt golf with Mr Coulson, trying our hand at the bean bag toss, playing handball and practising our racket skills with our friends.

Seeing other students Deep Learning projects was a highlight this week. What a fantastic way to end the Term! Year 3 were excited to share their journey with others and loved seeing the way different groups had chosen to help the community. We can’t wait to see what projects are produced in the future.

Year 4
Throughout the term, Year 4 has been investigating inclusion through their global citizen project. We have been exploring visual impairment and blindness and examining our big question, “How can you see with your hands?”

To this end, students have been able to produce a number of picture books for the visually impaired and some tactile books for the blind. The project has not only allowed students to connect and support with The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children but also develop empathy and awareness of those that are different and how we can support and include others.

Year 5
It is all about Collaboration in Year 5 at the moment. Not only have students been developing these skills during Deep Learning, but they have also been collaborating on a presentation for Science and Technology. They have researched a variety of desert-dwelling plants and animals to create a presentation using ICT, complimented by a speech they will present to their peers in Week 10. It has been wonderful to see the communication and teamwork skills applied by all students, and their willingness to support and encourage each other along the way. Students have been applying creativity and critical thinking to write an information report on a rainforest of our choice. They will present their text in a poster, inclusive of images and maps. We have had a blast this term and look forward to enjoying our last week sharing our learning with each other.

Year 6
Year 6 have been wrapping up the term with a ‘work tough till the end’ mindset. They have displayed great persistence in assessment tasks and completing the many units studied over the term. We are all very proud of the effort and dedication all students applied to their Deep Learning Tasks and we cannot wait to share these with our school community.

In Geography students have been working towards solving the question, ‘How can we share what we know about Asia so that our community knows more about the world’s largest continent?’ Students chose to showcase their learning in a range of short and very engaging films about the different aspects of Asia that they had learnt. Film topics included: basic language skills, food across Asia, flags and their history, famous landmarks and fun facts.

In science students created their own light-up model house. In groups, they designed the circuits needed and used equipment to ensure their model house had a working light, a switch and a motor component. Designs were very creative and students loved making their own homes.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School

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Secondary Academics

Global Citizenship Service Learning Student Projects – Virtual Open House From Friday, September 25th @ Or Caleb > Co-Curricular then Click the Deep Learning …


Secondary Academics

Global Citizenship Service Learning Student Projects – Virtual Open House

From Friday, September 25th @

Or Caleb > Co-Curricular then Click the Deep Learning Tile – top left.

As part of the Deep Learning initiative the College has joined, this term students have worked together in small teams on a Global Citizenship Service Learning Project on real-world important global problems/issues/needs like kindness, environmental conservation, inclusion, reconciliation and helping refugees and homeless people. The role of the teacher and the community involved in these projects was to create the conditions for the invention and learning, rather than provide the ready-made knowledge. We believe learning is deepest when it connects to students’ lives – who they are, how they fit into the world, and how they can contribute back.

Let us bring some joy and light to ourselves and others!

Students have used class-time and some of their learning time at home to complete their service learning projects and then created virtual renditions of this time using Adobe Spark as their display platform. The Virtual Open House allows us to come together as a College community to celebrate our students’ character, compassion, creativity, and global citizenship!

Creativity and passion were encouraged!

Students could collaborate on projects.

Projects could be big or small, simple or complex;

We encouraged them to believe everything makes a difference!

Please enjoy the projects the students have created in this virtual space.

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal

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Secondary Pastoral

What an amazing last couple of weeks it has been. Congratulations to the graduating Year 12 2020 students. A magnificent week of celebration for the …


Secondary Pastoral

What an amazing last couple of weeks it has been. Congratulations to the graduating Year 12 2020 students. A magnificent week of celebration for the students, culminating in their Valedictory assembly.

Here was my message to Year 12:

“You don’t need a grand plan”.

You just need to start something. Sometimes, part of the fun of life is not knowing where it is going. Trying too hard to figure out the end game takes away the pleasure of the moment. Most of us need to explore, try things, stumble and mess up. All of it adds to your knowledge, experiences and perspective.

So, go be curious and learn things, instead.

Whatever you do, throw your heart over the bar. Being one foot in, one foot out, prevents you from fully engaging with anything, from jobs, to interests, to relationships. Deliver your whole self to whatever the task at hand and see what happens.

And finally, in the immortal words of every IT specialist in the world, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Taking time out for yourself to reflect and refocus will let you find clarity and purpose again.

And so, for all of us as we head into the Term break – please take time to rest, reflect and re-focus.

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal

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NetSetGO Program This week saw the conclusion of the NetSetGO program at Bishop Tyrrell. This year there were 12 students from Kindergarten and Year 1 …



NetSetGO Program
This week saw the conclusion of the NetSetGO program at Bishop Tyrrell. This year there were 12 students from Kindergarten and Year 1 that participated in the program. Over the last nine weeks, the children have been focused on passing and catching skills and developing their hand-eye coordination. They also focused on footwork, where children learnt the basics in pivoting, decelerating and the concept of not running with the ball. All children have shown massive improvement in their skills and have participated in all activities with enthusiasm. A big thank you to Mrs Kahler, Mrs Hunt and Miss Gibson for running this program after school each Monday and giving the children the basic skills to be able to participate in netball. Hopefully, we will see many of these children representing the College on the netball court before long.

Bishop Tyrrell Netball Club

Bishop Tyrrell Netball Club invites you to attend their Annual General Meeting on 19 October 2020 via Zoom from 7 pm.


  • Welcome and apologies
  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Registrar Report
  • Election of Committee

All current committee positions will be declared vacant. Nominations can be made beforehand by email to the

All members are invited and encouraged to attend. A voting member is any registered Club player 16 years or older and all parents of registered players. At least one representative from each team must be present. Anyone interested in attending the AGM must email the club so that the ZOOM MEETING code can be emailed to you prior to the meeting commencing.

Touch Football and Basketball Summer Competitions
At the beginning of next term, both Touch Football and Basketball Summer competitions get underway locally in the community. Each year the College assists students to form teams and enter these competitions. Participation can provide a great sense of enjoyment and opportunities to socialise, as well as healthy physical activity and an opportunity to build skills and fitness. We would like to confirm the registration of teams by the end of the term. If you think your child might be interested in joining one of these teams, please take the time to read through the details and register your child’s interest by following the links below:

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Children, Youth and Families Worker

Reaching Out, Looking up It’s hard to believe we have reached Week 10, and my first term as part of the school community. I have …


Children, Youth and Families Worker

Reaching Out, Looking up

It’s hard to believe we have reached Week 10, and my first term as part of the school community. I have so enjoyed beginning to build relationships with students, parents and staff and above all, to share the good news that through Jesus Christ, we are set free to forgive generously, love extravagantly and live our lives abundantly.

This week we have been focusing on prayer. Prayer is an important part of our lives here at the college, with prayer used in classroom spaces, during our weekly chapel services and more formally with our College Prayer during events and assemblies. We have a daily prayer, available on CALEB, and encourage our students to respond in this unique and dynamic way whenever they can. But what exactly is prayer? Put simply, prayer is giving our attention to God. Being open and responsive to the ways and means by which our creator communicates with us and seeks to hear from us. God is always alongside us, ready to listen, and so anyone can pray at any time in any place. Equally, we don’t pray on our own, but alongside others throughout time and throughout the world. Prayer brings us in touch with others and with God, and when we pray in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can have the assurance that God uses our prayers to bring love and justice into the world.

In the Gospel of Matthew 6, Jesus speaks to his followers very frankly about prayer. He tells them that they need to make sure they are not being hypocrites, saying the right things when people are around, but then when no one is watching doing something completely different. This is true of all of us. So often we feel like we have to wear masks for people, acting a certain way but keeping our true selves hidden. Jesus says don’t act holier than thou and then turn out to be offensive in real life, don’t fill space up with empty words that mean nothing, simply be honest. Reach out. Say it like it is.

This looks different for each of us. Prayer is giving our attention to God, but more broadly prayer offers us the chance to create a space for how we’re feeling, for the things in our lives that we struggle with. It gives us permission to admit we can’t do it alone, that sometimes we need help. It also gives us a platform to express the unjustness of our lives – why is it like this God? How could you let this happen? These are good, healthy and natural responses. In fact, we find just these sorts of feelings in the bible, especially in the Psalms, a collection of songs and poems, which document all of life – the good parts as well as the bad. In Psalm 22 for instance we find a voice crying out “God why have you forsaken me? I cry out but you don’t answer.” These are powerful words that can comfort us – they remind us that we don’t suffer alone. It reminds us we are a part of everything – every person who has ever lived – and that is both humbling and liberating.

Here at the College, we are committed to deepening our prayer life. Starting next term, we will be opening the chapel at recess and lunch for students to use as a safe place for reflection, meditation and prayer. Equally, we will also be running something called a Prayer Space in the chapel in the first few weeks of next term. Christian Studies classes will be able to come into the chapel and take part in an interactive and creative sensory experience. This project is designed to allow students to enter into a different space, a sacred and symbolic space, and to reflect on the feelings that they have as a result. I very much look forward to sharing this with students next term. My hope is that this will encourage students to reach out and look up – to open up space for God, to make room for the spirit, and ultimately to allow for the possibility of miraculous things. I look forward to sharing our student’s experiences with you.

Mark Thornton
Children, Youth and Families Worker

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News and Notices

2021 Enrolments We love seeing our Bishop Tyrrell community grow each year and we are currently enrolling students for 2021. This is a reminder to …


News and Notices

2021 Enrolments
We love seeing our Bishop Tyrrell community grow each year and we are currently enrolling students for 2021.

This is a reminder to ensure any 2021 sibling enrolments have been submitted via the Preschool or K-12 online enrolment form on the College website. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact our College Registrar Mrs Barb Durie. Please share our website details if you have friends or family who might be considering Bishop Tyrrell. Thank you, our families are our best advocates!

COVID Restrictions
At the College, we are doing everything we can to keep our community safe during a global pandemic.  We wish to remind parents who enter the College carpark to remain in your vehicle at all times. Thank you!