One of the most powerful skills a child will learn when surrounded by a supportive values-based community such as Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College is the power of servant leadership. This kind of leadership is a way of behaving which focuses our thinking toward the needs of others rather than ourselves.

We begin our servant leadership program next week with the special assembly to formally induct our Primary School leaders into their roles and we reintroduce our Secondary School leaders who were inducted in Term 4. Bishop Tyrrell teachers lead students to be involved in serving others, encouraging them to be team players, developing character and supporting the team effort to accomplish goals.

We congratulate the following primary leaders in their important roles in our school community and commit to supporting them in developing these skills and abilities.

Primary Captains

Mali Dilenardo and Cayless O’Brien

Primary Prefects

Currey House – Myles Hutchins and Jessica McDean
Darcy House – Sophia Robertson and Vani Prasad
Fletcher House – Gurmansukh Kang and Lily Russell
Thomas House – Cooper Davies and Emma Williams

Creative Arts – Ekamdeep Kaur and Emily Crain
Events and Service – Ella Attard and Maddison Fairbairn
Faith and Service – Clara Sebire
IT – Joshua Pigeon and Gracy Baxter
Sport – Damien Johnstone and Eve Ockerby
You Can Do It – Kosta Tsiaousis, Lachlan Woodful and Mikaela Harris

Experience tells us that Servant Leadership leads to higher engagement, greater trust and stronger relationships within the community. Students raised in a  community where the values inherent in Servant Leadership are practised will grow to be stronger in character.

Sue Bain

Preschool featured image


The Preschool children have settled in beautifully to the new year and have been enjoying engaging in a variety of interesting activities. It has been …



The Preschool children have settled in beautifully to the new year and have been enjoying engaging in a variety of interesting activities. It has been lovely getting to know the new children and their families, as well as welcoming back many of our families from last year. The children who attended last year have enjoyed taking on the role of ‘big helpers’ as they are now more confident and proud to help their new friends settle into the Preschool routine.

During the first week at Bishop Tyrell Preschool, we have been focussing on developing and exploring each child’s sense of identity (EYLF Learning Outcome 1). We began this unit of work by giving each child the opportunity to make a portrait of themselves and discuss the attributes, abilities, attitudes and values they believe define them. Through this process, educators afford each child the opportunity to explore their own identity, their own perceptions and their own unique story or background.

The idea of creating self-portraits has a long history in the school of Reggio Emilia. The process allows educators a special glimpse into each child’s individuality and uniqueness and in turn, this builds a platform for which we can build meaningful and long-term learning experiences.

The Gem friends used playdough and loose parts; shells, nuts, bolts, little rocks and ribbons to represent themselves and create their portraits.

“My eyes are pink; I’ve got a purple nose. I have long hair,” said Meha
“We all have eyelashes, boys do too,” said Ashton
“I’ve got a forehead, I have hazel eyes and my hair is dark brown and I have red lips,” said Audrey

Before engaging in their portrait creation, the Treasure friends used their senses of touch, feel and sight to identify what they could add to their portrait.

“My forehead” Phoebe K
“I feel my mouth” Elsie
“My brain” Austin
“I feel my cheeks” Miller H

The Sparkle friends explored patterning and facial features with sequences, buttons and emotion faces.

Austin chose the happy face “I’m not angry” he said.
“I’m lining mine up” said Alice as she created a circle shape with the sequences.

Michelle Neylan
Preschool Director

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I would like to extend a big warm welcome to all our new families in Primary School and welcome back to our existing families. I …



I would like to extend a big warm welcome to all our new families in Primary School and welcome back to our existing families. I hope the holiday season was filled with fun and excitement, but I also hope there was some rest and relaxation as well. I think you would all agree that 2020 was a school year like no other but there were many positives that came from it that will make 2021 a year bigger and better than ever.

It was fantastic to see all the new kindy students start their schooling with big smiles and a sense of adventure. They have been so confident entering the school either by themselves or with one of our supportive Year 6 leaders. We have had a few tears and that is to be expected as saying goodbye to mum and dad can be hard. Overall, we have been very impressed with the way they have started and we look forward to their progress throughout the year.

Primary enrolments have increased from 460 in July 2020 to 495 for the start of the year. In part, it’s a reflection of the local population growth but at the same time, it demonstrates our reputation as an exceptional education provider that continues to grow and spread around the community. We aim to provide an engaging and vibrant academic and co-curricular program that is supported by the Anglican Ethos. Within that ethos, our focus for this year is to Make Room For Everyone where we recognise and celebrate the individual differences of staff, students and their families and continue to develop our inclusive environment.

To make all this happen we have an action-packed calendar ready to go. The usual sport, music and other cultural events will take place including the musical “Mary Poppins”. Parental attendance will be determined and communicated before each event. Our new PE teacher, Mrs Giverny Tombs, will oversee Primary House challenges for the year where there will be a variety of house challenges taking place each week to facilitate collaboration and some friendly rivalry.

Again, this year there will be a variety of different lunch clubs happening throughout the week providing an opportunity for the students to explore their own or new special interests with their friends. Chess club will operate on a Thursday with registration details with the NSW Chess Academy available in this newsletter. We will also have a Trial Chess club operating on a Tuesday for the younger students to see if they would like to join the more advanced Thursday club. For all other clubs, teachers will announce start details over the coming weeks.

Assemblies and Chapel will be held online again for the foreseeable future which is exciting for parents as they will be able to access the online stream via Caleb either live or at a later time. We try to make our assemblies fun and informative where we showcase the many talented students we have in the College. Our Year 6 leaders run the assembly and at times it can be clunky and mistakes are made but that’s all part of the fun. Next week’s assembly will be the Primary Leaders Investiture Assembly where we officially welcome our new captains and prefects into their role.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School

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Secondary – Pastoral

Welcome back to Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College from the Secondary School Team. It has been a great start to 2021. Seeing smiling students enjoying each …


Secondary – Pastoral

Welcome back to Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College from the Secondary School Team. It has been a great start to 2021. Seeing smiling students enjoying each other’s company after the long summer break has been fantastic. It has been a pleasure to welcome our Year 7 and new students to the College as they embark on their Secondary School journey.

From the Heads of 7-9 – Mr Brian Bull and 10-12 – Mr Mitchell Cummings

In our travels around the Secondary School, we have noted how students have settled into their classes and study regimes smoothly and we congratulate them on a great start to the academic year. Along with that, we have been very pleased with the standard of uniform being worn by most students in the Secondary School. There has been and will continue to be a focus on correct uniform wearing. This year, Secondary students that choose not to come to school in correct uniform will be required to go to Room 70 to reflect on the fact that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are in correct uniform. If any student is in doubt of the uniform standard, they can find it in their College diary on pages 11 and 12.

We also welcome several new staff to the Secondary School, and I know that they look forward to building meaningful relationships with their students. It is also timely to remind parents and caregivers that the first point of contact for Pastoral Care matters is the Tutor teacher and for Academic matters the Classroom teacher. Please refer to the lines of communication chart in the College diary on page 4.

This Year our Tutor program has Secondary School students engaging with an integrated holistic resource called Study Samurai, enjoying the sunshine each Wednesday as our “Healthy Outside Day”, engaging and reflecting on themes discussed in Chapel and Tutor time and our regular Secondary, House and Year group assemblies. As you can see, we have hit the ground running, looking forward to embracing all that is in store for 2021.

From Head of Currey House – Ms Lani Grey

This term, Currey House is organising the first out of uniform day for 2021 on Tuesday 23 February. As the new Head of Currey House, Ms Lani Grey, is continuing Currey House’s strong record of supporting the Beyond Blue Foundation and they are looking forward to raising funds to assist Beyond Blue in their mission to provide information and support to help Australians achieve their best mental health. To read more about this cause, please click here.

The Currey House Year 12 students have decided on the theme of ‘Cartoon Characters/Childhood Memories’. Students can come dressed as their favourite character or wear cartoon-inspired clothing. We want to see the cartoons that made their childhood a little more fun.

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School

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Secondary – Academics

Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews – Wednesday 10 February Year 12 Parents / Caregivers have been sent information about how to book and attend these online …


Secondary – Academics

Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews – Wednesday 10 February

Year 12 Parents / Caregivers have been sent information about how to book and attend these online interview sessions. Please check your emails for these instructions.

Secondary Spotlight – Year 8 History – Mrs Terri-Anne Smith – Head of Humanities and Languages

In Year 8 History this week students worked in groups putting together puzzles to demonstrate how historians and archaeologists work with evidence to try and reconstruct the past. Many puzzles had missing pieces, and this was to highlight that we can never have a complete picture of the past as we don’t have every piece of evidence needed to create it. So, the work of historians and archaeologists can sometimes be seen as ‘time detectives’ as they try to find (and put together) all the missing pieces.

Study Skills Tip – Why do we have to do Homework?

Homework, or Home Learning, serves many purposes. It may be to consolidate, check or extend on the learning from the day, or prepare for the learning to come in subsequent days. It could be to do with longer-term work such as assignments or preparing for tests and examinations. Ultimately it comes back to what school is all about – learning. And learning not just about learning content, but learning and developing skills.

At times students feel that the work they are doing at school is not relevant to their lives, however, sometimes we need to look beyond the content to the purpose of the learning exercise. At times the content will be a vehicle to teach particular skills. Much of what we learn in Mathematics develops the problem-solving circuits in our brain. When you are analysing Shakespeare you are learning not just about Shakespeare, but to think critically and expand your point of view and broaden your experience of the world through an examination of different lives, emotions and experiences. The message is that everything you learn at school has purpose and value, even if you can’t always quite see it at the time.

There is much debate in the media as to the value of homework. In Primary School, it has been shown that only a small number of students actually benefit from doing homework in terms of academic achievement. The exception to this is reading at home – every student benefits from this. However, other benefits can’t be discounted: developing independent working skills, establishing study routines necessary for learning in later years, helping students master things they are struggling with and allowing parental involvement.

In Secondary School, homework has been proven to be an essential component of academic success in the senior years. The reality of Year 11 and 12 is that a large component of independent learning needs to be undertaken at home. One of the biggest problems for students transitioning to senior years is that they have not learnt to work effectively and efficiently in the home environment. This is why developing good habits and learning to do at least a solid hour a day of home study is essential in Years 7-10. It is also about developing the qualities of discipline and perseverance, both essential for senior studies. Students will not like every subject equally, so students need to learn how to make themselves do the work even for their least favourite subjects.

What can you do this year to manage your homework effectively? Try these top tips:

  1. GET ORGANISED STRAIGHT AWAY: As soon as you get home unpack your bag before you have a break and something to eat. Layout all the work first. It is easier to get started if you have everything ready to go.
  2. PRIORITISE AND PLAN: Before you start work, write a list of what needs to be done and decide what order you will do it. Focus on what is most important, not just what subject you like best! Also, write down how long you think each task will take to do.
  3. DEVELOP THINKING PATHWAYS: Keep in your mind that it is all about learning. Try and look beyond the actual content to what type of skill this homework might be developing in you – analysing, critical thinking, writing skills, or problem-solving skills for example.
  4. CHUNK TIME INTO FOCUSED BLOCKS: Do your work in 20-30 minute blocks with no distractions during that time. So, switch off the TV, turn off your phone for that 20- 30 minutes. When you just focus on the work that needs to be done you’ll be amazed at how much work you complete. Of course, if you are on a roll, you can keep going past the 30 minutes.
  5. ALTERNATE AND CHIP AWAY: If there is a task you really don’t want to do then alternate this with a task you enjoy doing. For example, 15 minutes on the homework you like, 5 minutes on the homework you don’t like. When you chip away at it you will be surprised how quickly you get through the work.

Ms Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary

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Sports Corner

Whilst most of us were enjoying the sunshine, sleep-ins and lazy days to begin our school holidays, two of our Secondary sports stars were sweating …


Sports Corner

Whilst most of us were enjoying the sunshine, sleep-ins and lazy days to begin our school holidays, two of our Secondary sports stars were sweating it out whilst competing at the NSW All Schools Athletics Carnival held in Sydney’s Olympic Park. Montana Monk competed in two events on the day, with incredible success. Montana won the 16 yr old girls 800m in a time of 2:08.24. Not only was this a meet record, but it is the third fastest 800m ran of all time at this event! Her next race saw her win the 16yrs 1500m in a time of 4:30.30. Congratulations on your amazing success Montana. Ryan Bonham competed in the 14 yrs 3km walk, for which he won in a time of 14:04.00. Congratulations on your amazing achievement Ryan!! As the National Athletics Carnival was cancelled due to COVID, both students were selected in the honorary NSW All School Athletics Team for 2020.

In other Sports news, Secondary have been busy making their sport choices for Term 1, eager to attend Surfing, Ice Skating, Genesis Fitness, Ocean Bath Swimming, Volleyball and College Sport. These sports will begin next week, Wednesday 10 February.

Primary have been enjoying participating in sports that build teamwork, communication and social skills. It has been great witnessing their engagement with the activities and skills development. We look forward to our Cricket Program starting in Week 4, for students in Year 1-6.

You would have received an email about College Netball Registrations from Mr Cruickshank. If you have not registered yet, please do so shortly, as we look forward to nominating teams for the Newcastle competition.

A friendly reminder that the College Swimming Carnivals are on in Week 4, at Wallsend Pool. More communication will come shortly in regards to whether spectators are allowed to attend the event.

Secondary Swimming Carnival – Wednesday, 17 February

Primary Swimming Carnival – Thursday, 18 February

Infants Swimming Carnival (Novelties and small races) – Friday, 19 February.

Rob Eddy
College Sport Coordinator

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Creative Arts

College Music Program News We are very excited to welcome both parents and students back to the College for what is already proving to be …


Creative Arts

College Music Program News

We are very excited to welcome both parents and students back to the College for what is already proving to be an exciting and productive year in Music!

I would firstly like to welcome our newest member of teaching staff to The Creative and Performing Arts Faculty – Miss Lauren Crawford. Lauren completed her Bachelor of Music at Newcastle Conservatorium with a major in classical guitar performance before graduating from a Master of Teaching with distinction at Avondale University College. After tutoring guitar in schools and performing locally for the past six years, Lauren is excited to move into the music classroom and share her passion for guitar, ukulele, keyboard, drums and singing with students from Year 1 through to Year 8 here at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College.

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons are now available on campus before, during and after College hours. The College proudly boasts some of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley’s most talented and experienced instrumental staff. To enquire about lesson availability, fees etc, please go to CALEB – Co-Curricular – Instrumental Music Lesson. Here you can follow the links to contact Instrumental staff directly. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Ross

Primary Music

The Year 3 – 5 Instrumental Performance Program will commence Wednesday, 10 February, Week 3, and will run each Wednesday from Period 3 through to Period 6 inclusive. Each year group will be involved in a one-period sectional rehearsal, coming together in period 6 for their respective large ensemble rehearsal. We are very much looking forward to hearing their first Ensemble concert later in the year!

Co-Curricular Music

Further announcements regarding the College’s Co-Curricular Ensemble Program and Music GATS opportunities will be published very soon.

Instrumental Teacher Profile
Introducing Dr Chris Allan – Vocal Teacher

Chris is a voice teacher with over 30 years of experience.  Well known as a performer and teacher, he has been a senior lecturer in Voice at the University of Newcastle (UON) since 1995 helping a legion of students to find their voices and to become proficient singers.  Many have gone on to forge impressive careers as performers and teachers both in the contemporary and classical music fields.  Chris has now finished at UON and is available for private consultations.

Make contact to speak about your child’s aspirations, and see how Chris can assist you to bring these to life.

More about Chris

Chris is an experienced singer, performing as a soloist with leading choral organisations such as Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, with Opera Australia as Chorus member and understudy, with the Song Company as Baritone and guest artist and with local groups such as Echology and Newcastle University Choir.  With his friends Jennifer Barnes, Rosemary Saunders and Paul Bevan, Chris has sung in the group Waxing Lyrical in concerts throughout the Hunter Valley as well as interstate.  He has presented recitals of art songs including Lieder and English Art Song with such distinguished pianists as Nigel Butterley, Ann O’Hearn, Catherine Davis and Erin Sweetman.

Chris originally trained at Newcastle Conservatorium of Music with the late William Coombes and Marjorie Shires, later working with great teachers such as Grant Dickson (Sydney), John Carol Case (London) and Nigel Wickens (Cambridge).  In addition, he has worked with the distinguished teacher Janice Chapman in London.

In his continuing efforts to improve his own knowledge and breadth of experience, he was awarded his PhD in 2011 in Vocal Pedagogy for his dissertation entitled ‘Exploring the Value of Aural and Kinaesthetic Feedback using Speech Quality as a Catalyst for Vocal Development in the Training of Tertiary Voice Students’.  The insights gained in researching this area, as well as gleaned from teaching for many years, watching and talking with other voice teachers and attending and participating in conferences in the UK, Asia and Australia have given Chris a wide and varied background which he brings to his teaching.  He believes in a holistic approach to voice training, looking at the whole person and integrating vocal techniques with good functional use of the body and the use of positive psychology and imagination to bring about a full and rounded performance. Chris is interested in somatic learning – particularly the Feldenkrais Method and its effect on the use of the body for physical pursuits such as singing. For more information please see  In February 2019, Chris is to begin training as a Feldenkrais Practitioner. A four-year process, the training delves deeply into our own experience of the body and the methodologies of the Method’s founded, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais.

In addition, Chris is a Choral Director currently directing the Newcastle University Choir ( where he has directed performances of many works of the standard Choral repertoire (e.g. Bach St Matthew Passion, Magnificat, Mozart Requiem and Vespers, Haydn Mass in the Time of War) as well as concerts of Jazz, Gospel and recent music for choir A Cappella.  In addition, Chris enjoys presenting vocal and choral workshops in Sydney, Newcastle, Far North Queensland and Victoria.

As well as being a vocal specialist, Chris is also an accomplished pianist.  He is seen regularly as an accompanist and enjoys sharing the stage with singers and instrumental colleagues.

To enquire about vocal lessons for your child with Chris here at the College please email:

Gareth Ross
Head of Creative Arts and Performance

News and Notices

Chess Club CHESS!! Learn to be a chess champion! Coaching for students at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College is held on Thursdays from 12:45 pm to …


News and Notices

Chess Club
CHESS!! Learn to be a chess champion! Coaching for students at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College is held on Thursdays from 12:45 pm to 1:30 pm, starting on 4 February 2021.

Learning and playing chess helps children develop their logical thinking and problem-solving
skills, improves their concentration and focus, while also being a great source of enjoyment. Activities include group lessons on a demonstration chessboard or interactive whiteboard, puzzle-solving and fun practice games.

Students earn merit awards by making checkmates, or by displaying skills and positive qualities, which all good chess players strive to develop.

If your child is interested in taking part, please email For all enquiries, please contact Sydney Academy of Chess on (02) 9745 1170.

NSW School Vaccination Program

Each year NSW Health works in partnership with schools to offer the vaccines recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for adolescents as part of the school vaccination program.

In 2021 the following vaccines will be offered:
Year 7
Human papillomavirus (HPV9) vaccine – 2-doses at least 6 months apart
Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine – Single dose

Years 10

Meningococcal ACWY vaccine – Single dose

Parent Information Kits that include an information sheet, consent form and privacy statement will be sent home to parents/guardians. To consent to the vaccination of their child, parents/guardians are advised to:

  • read all the information provided
  • complete the consent form, including signing their name next to the vaccine/s they would like their child to receive
  • return the completed consent form to their child’s school
  • ensure that their child eats breakfast on the day of the school vaccination clinic

To improve vaccination completion, students who return a signed vaccination consent form while in Year 7 and who miss vaccine doses at any clinic, will be opportunistically offered these vaccines at each clinic visit throughout 2021 (Year 7) & 2022 (Year 8).

Students who have a dose of HPV at their GP can complete the course in the school program if a signed consent form has been returned to school.
Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by writing to the school Principal or phoning the school. The Procedure for Withdrawal of Consent is available on the NSW Health website.

A Record of Vaccination will be provided to each student vaccinated at each clinic as a physical card. Parents/guardians should ensure that this record is kept for future reference and should not assume that their child has been vaccinated if they do not receive this Record of Vaccination.

NSW Health is ensuring that students are safely vaccinated at school during COVID-19

NSW Health has been working with education authorities to implement additional measures to ensure that students in Year 7 and 10 can be safely vaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional measures
NSW Health has implemented additional measures based on expert clinical advice to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission in school clinics, including:
• health screening of nurses before clinics
• pre-vaccination screening of students
• physical distancing restrictions at the clinic entrance & observation area
• ensuring the number of students and nurses at the clinic does not exceed the maximum allowed
• enhanced hand hygiene by nurses and students
• enhanced environmental cleaning of all surfaces

What parents/guardians should do
Parents/guardians should ensure that students with influenza-like symptoms do not attend school and are tested as soon as possible ( is no need for parents/guardians who have given consent for their child to receive vaccinations at school to take any action. Parents/guardians who have not provided consent can contact their local public health unit on 1300 066 055 or their school for advice on how to provide consent for vaccination.

When students will be vaccinated
Public health units are arranging clinics with schools so that vaccinations can be given to students as soon as possible.

More information
Information about school vaccination is available at